Acorn House Ltd

Company name: Acorn House LtdAcorn

Family members who work for the organisation: Phil and Steve Albrow, Co Directors

How long we’ve worked with Potton: 10 years

How Many Potton homes we’ve built: 8


We have, over the years grown close to Potton and enjoy a first class working relationship with them. Although Potton are no longer the original family firm they do still operate as though they were and it makes the whole process from foundations up to ridge a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The product itself is superb and indeed has to be so because our reputation lies in producing high quality, well insulated homes for our discerning clients. Some people still have doubts about timber frame and I would always assure them that their concerns are groundless, our clients are always delighted with their new homes and with the service they receive from both Potton and ourselves as we turn the dream into reality.