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21 Dec 2022



Whether you’re just thinking about building your next home yourself and wondering what that involves, you’re ready to start your self-build journey, or you’ve started building but could do with a bit of help, then join us in January 2023 for our Ask the expert workshops.

These exciting and innovative events break down the self-build process in detail and provide in-depth information from specialists in the field. They’re geared to your journey and presented in manageable chunks for you to take in and learn from.

Potton ask a self build expert day

Welcome in the New Year with the Potton self-build open house

For those new to self-building, our open-house event on Saturday 7th January should be the first port of call. Celebrate the New Year with us while you chat with our self-build experts, hear how Potton can help you and explore our beautiful show homes at the Self Build Show Centre. There are five beautiful show homes on site and each offers inspiration in design, décor, materials and just what can be achieved when you build your own home.

Whether you have found a plot but have questions before buying, you’re still looking, or you need help sourcing the perfect piece of land, then speak to our experts who will be on hand throughout the day. They can advise you on what to look for and where to look, as well as answer your burning questions and point you in the direction of further training and information - including Potton’s plot appraisal.

Our self build consultant will discuss local planning constraints, what type of designs work best where, what materials are most acceptable to different local authorities, and the planning process. You can talk with our architectural designers about your ideas on how you want your house to look and they will be able to guide you in relation to your budget. They can also advise on site access, what surveys need to be carried out and the designs acceptable to different local authorities.

You’ll also be able to access mortgage advice and speak to a kitchen and bathroom design consultant.

Self-Build planning expert Adrian Bussetil discussing a project with a customer

Finally, if you’re not sure that full self-build is for you, then you might want to consider custom-build, whereby you purchase a serviced plot that comes with outline planning - members of our custom-build team will also be in attendance to take you through that build process.

Simply turn up on the day and book your 30-minute appointments with the experts of your choice.

Our self-build director Paul Newman will also present Self-build myths busted, an informative and honest insight into the misconceptions and misinformation that surround self-building. Paul is presenting two sessions, which take place at 11am and 1pm so whether you’re attending in the morning or the afternoon you will have the opportunity to take part and take advantage of his 30 years’ plus experience in the sector.

Paul Newman, Potton Self Build Director, Presenting

Potton at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre, Swindon

If you’re further along in your build, or already have some basic experience of the self-build process, then we’re also hosting an Ask the expert event at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC) in Swindon on Saturday 7th January.

Here, you’ll be able to explore your project in more detail with our self-build consultants and run through the different products we offer (timber frame and SIPs systems), talk finance with a representative from self-build mortgage specialist BuildStore and learn how to set up and manage a safe and efficient building site.

The day will progress through a series of seminars starting at 10am, when Dan Wilson from Potton will take you through the design process, planning, energy and cost efficiency, and offsite build systems.

Individual appointments with our experts can also be booked on the day. Each appointment lasts 20 minutes and you can focus on those areas you most want to discuss, whether that’s next steps, design possibilities, planning requirements, project management or the best sustainable energy solutions for your build, such as solar and biomass systems, heat pump technology and heat recovery ventilation.

The Ruskin show home at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre

The NSBRC lies at the heart of self-build and we have a full-size, timber-frame house permanently installed within the venue. Based on our Ruskin design, it shows you up close how a self-build home can look when complete and is a stunning example of what you could achieve with your self-build project.

Potton Self Build Consultant Discussing a Self Build Project with a Customer

Ask a self-build expert – progress your build

This event takes place at the Potton Self Build Show Centre on Saturday 14th January and is aimed at people who have a plot or those who have started the self-build process.

Join us from 9am at the show centre and meet with a variety of our self-build experts who will be on hand all day for one-to-one consultations. Whether you’re looking for advice on your plot, wish to talk about design possibilities, want to know if your designs will work, need help with planning, want to find out more about building regulations, then this is a must-attend.

A financial specialist from BuildStore, interior designer Zoe Godbold who refurbished our newly reopened Caxton show home, and a consultant from Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, will also be available throughout the day for private appointments.

Potton Self Build Experts Discussing a Self Build Project with a Customer

By attending our events and involving Potton’s experts in your journey from the beginning or in the early stages, you will be able to benefit from a wealth of self-build knowledge and take advantage of many years of experience. This could avoid costly mistakes, missteps and problems further down the line – forewarned is forearmed after all.

While you’re with us you can also sign up for a variety of free courses and workshops at our Self Build Academy, to improve your building knowledge. These include: Finding a plot, Managing your self-build, Planning approved: taking the next steps, and Self-building an energy efficient home.

Courses take place throughout the year and are booked via our website. View our full range of courses and book your place.

We look forward to working with you!

Get your self-build journey off to the best possible start in 2023 with Potton and Ask the experts.

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