Potton Wins Best SIPs Home at Build It Awards 2020

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15 Dec 2020



Potton are delighted to announce that, after a rocky year, we have won the Build It Award for Best SIPs Home for our project with the Jays. Their Hertfordshire home has lots of interesting features, including a mezzanine level, sedum roof, and moveable glass partition that David Jay designed himself.

Using SIPs (structural insulated panels) was the perfect solution for achieving the energy efficiency that the Jays were looking for. They didn't stop there, and included a photovoltaic roof, air source heat pump, and heat recovery system in their eco home. The composite load-bearing nature of SIPs was also suited to the complicated architecture that the design from their Architects required, allowing for all those interesting angles.

The Jays were delighted with the end result, and even hosted a thank-you party for everyone involved in the project. Now, over two years after their home was completed, they're still just as happy with it as they were the day they moved in.

Read the Jay case study

Thanks to both Potton for all the technical help they provided and to Mitzman Architects for the amazing design. Our perfect dream house continually amazes us with its beauty, warmth and its many eco-friendly attributes.

- David & Gill Jay

Jay Self Build Case Study
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