Why Should I Self Build in 2021?

Why should i self build in 2021

21 Dec 2020



If the events of 2020 have taught us anything, it’s to seize the moment. We’ve all spent more time in our homes this year than ever before, and it’s probably become obvious what does and doesn’t work for us. Now that lots of us look to be working from home on a semi-permanent basis for the foreseeable future, it makes more sense than ever to have a home that we love spending time in.

Your house, your way

The beauty of self build is that you get a house that works for you, not the other way around. We can help you design a home that’s exactly suited to your requirements. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a big open-plan kitchen space for family get-togethers, or maybe a boot room would save the rest of your home from muddy boots and paws.

Design versatility

At Potton we’re specialists in timber-frame and SIPs (structural insulated panels) build systems. The great thing about them is that they’re extremely versatile, able to accommodate virtually any design, so the only limit is your imagination. If you visit the Potton Self Build Show Centre or take a look at our case studies page, you’ll soon see that there is no ‘Potton style’. We can build anything from the strikingly contemporary to the charmingly traditional.

Extra inspiration

For anyone who needs a helping hand with their design, or feels daunted by the idea of starting with a blank page, we have ideas books. They’re full of past designs and completely customisable, so you can draw on elements you like to create your own design. Or, if you fall in love with one, we can replicate it for you.

Cost benefits

It’s a generally accepted rule of thumb that when you self build, you get more for your money. The same house would cost you much more to purchase if you were to buy it ready made from a developer. And the savings don’t stop there. Our houses are built from timber frames or SIPs, both of which are renowned for their thermal benefits. Essentially, even when your home is up and finished, it’ll still be saving you money. These savings can be significant, and will also allow you to put a bit more money into furnishing the house, perhaps meaning the difference between a nice kitchen and the kitchen of your dreams.

Start off 2021 with Potton

We offer free design consultations, virtual or in person at our Self Build Show Centre in St Neots, where you'll meet one of our expert self build consultants. They'll be able to talk you through the self build process and everything Potton can do for you. Begin your 2021 with us and kickstart your very own self-build project.

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