Potton shortlisted for Build It Awards 2022

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14 Dec 2022



We are proud to announce that Potton has been shortlisted for this year’s Build It Awards for Best Timber Frame Home!

The project chosen is a timber frame build based on our Gransden design, featuring exposed posts and beams, both inside and outside the property.

Paul Newman, self-build director at Potton, says staff are over the moon at the news. “It is an honour and an achievement to make the shortlist in such a prestigious competition,” he says.

“It is recognition of the expertise and hard work of our architects, self-build consultants, and staff throughout the company – and testament to the strength of our timber-frame product. We are all delighted.”

Kybird Self Build Nominated for Best Timber Frame Home at the Build It Awards 2022

This five bedroom house is the dream home of the Kybirds. No stranger to Potton and our work, they first visited our self-build show centre in St Neots, Cambridgeshire more than 20 years ago. When they saw the Gransden show home they loved it so much, they knew that when the time was right for them to self build, it was the design they would go for.

Fast forward a few years to 2014 when the Kybirds eventually found their perfect plot after 18 months of searching. The half-acre site already had planning permission for a replacement dwelling and there was no doubt in their minds that it was a design based on the Gransden that would become their dream home.

The build started in 2015. Of course, the best designs are one part inspiration, one part personal taste and one part perspiration. Or perhaps in this case it should be two parts perspiration, as Rob Kybird, never one to shy away from a challenge, decided to self-manage the project from start to finish.

Using the Gransden as their starting point, the couple kept the rustic look they loved so much, creating traditional features of the beams and posts, and adding areas of exposed brickwork inside. However, the house also needed to perform as a contemporary home to suit the specific needs of their family, so they opted for an open-plan layout on the ground floor, with the wonderful effects this gives - more light, more room for entertaining and relaxation, an altogether majestic feel to the living space.

Kybird Self Build Nominated for Best Timber Frame Home at the Build It Awards 2022

This luxurious open atmosphere extends to the garden. It becomes an extension of the living accommodation itself in summer, when the French doors mark the transition from inside to out, the neutral terrace echoing the natural tones of the interior.

Stone steps lead to an impressive lawn, with borders, ornamental plantings, pergolas and walkways gracing the grounds - a fitting garden for such a splendid build.

The house is a Gransden for sure - the overhanging eaves, timber beams and beautiful dormer windows give away its heritage - but it’s also a much-loved modern family home. The perfect representation of the Kybirds’ long-held self-build dreams.

Kybird Self Build Nominated for Best Timber Frame Home at the Build It Awards 2022

  • House size: 260m²
  • Land cost: £390,000
  • Build cost: £300,000 (excluding garden)
  • Timber frame cost: £85,000 approximately
  • Time to build: January 2015 - March 2019
  • Value when completed £820,000
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Potton kybird 14 105 image 1

Why opt for timber frame?

Timber frame is just one build system used in house building and it’s particularly suited to self-build projects for a number of reasons. It can be quicker to construct a house with a timber frame - but bear in mind other factors besides build material can affect timescales, so this is not always the case. Importantly though for today’s builder, timber is sustainable and offers excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency. This means it’s good for the environment and good for your pocket, significantly lowering your heating costs and even the carbon footprint of your house.

Potton is a package home company, which means the timber frame is constructed within our factory rather than on-site. Once you’ve decided on your design, using closed panels, which are delivered in sections to your plot. This results in less waste on-site, as all sections are supplied to measurements through our technical team. The construction of the timber frame is a relatively swift process, which can be followed to a weathertight stage, so internal works can start quickly and aren’t dependent on the weather.

Potton Timber Frame House at Weathertight Stage

The panels that make up timber frames are lightweight and offer flexibility in design, so lend themselves well to high ceilings and open-plan layouts. The walls don’t need to be as thick as brick and masonry walls either because the insulation is built into each panel, which means increased internal floor space, and therefore larger rooms.

All of our timber products are legally sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests in accordance with UK Timber regulations. Sustainable forests - where more trees are planted than are cut down - help increase the number of trees and wooded areas, so helping prevent deforestation and providing valuable habitats for plants and wildlife.

Additionally, trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen – and once that carbon is in the timber, it stays there until the wood rots or is burned. In a nutshell, this means that timber-frame construction has one of the lowest CO2 costs of any commercial building method, which is good for the planet, as well as good for you.

A long self-build heritage

Here at Potton, we’ve been building with timber since 1964 so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to designing and constructing exquisite homes. Our designers and architects will work with you to create plans for your perfect property, be it traditional or ultra-modern. Our experts can walk you through all stages of your build until you’re ready to proceed and see you through the local authority planning process. Once planning has been granted, we continue to work closely with you through erection of the timber frame on-site and beyond, depending on your requirements.

Potton Self Build Consultant Discussing a Self Build Project with a Customer

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