How to get a new kitchen by Christmas 2016

Our friends at J&S House of Design have created this blog to help you get everything in order to have your dream kitchen ready for Christmas!

Following Christmas is usually about the time that many people start to dream of having more room in their house and in the kitchen in particular, after having to accommodate Christmas decorations and extra guests! With the kitchen being the hub of all celebrations that revolve around food and drink, most people could do with a little extra room and it’s around now that plans to extend or renovate your kitchen start to get made.

So where do we start? Well in the experience of J&S House of Design many clients completely underestimate the amount of time it takes to pull together all the trades and details needed to extend or renovate their existing kitchen. The first thing to do, a great job for those lazy days, is to dream a little then get out your pen and paper and start making solid plans…

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The key elements to planning a successful kitchen build or renovation.

Firstly consider what you want the end result of new kitchen to give you.

  • Greater value to your property
  • More living space (if your family is growing, or your elderly relatives to stay more often)
  • Save money (Is it cheaper to extend or move to achieve what you want?)
  • What style of build do want? Traditional, modern or very contemporary (lots of glass)
  • When do you want to occupy the space
  • How much cash can you raise to achieve your dream space
  • Will the works give you any return on your investment
  • Research and plan finances for how you want to finish the build: furniture, flooring, decoration etc. and start thinking about what the potential costs might be
  • Be realistic about the amount of time it may take to achieve the build. If it can be done sooner then that’s a Christmas bonus!


Having given some thought to the key elements of planning your kitchen extension or renovation, how and where do you start?


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1.      Book an architectnew capture logo

If you are self building, and looking into the design of your new kitchen, take a look at Potton's dedicated Kitchen Master Class event here, where you will gain tips, advice and knowledge to design your dream kitchen!

If you are renovating or extending an existing kitchen, J&S House of Design believe the best place to start is consulting with an architect to see if what you hope to achieve is feasible. Our tip is to always look for one with a successful record in obtaining planning permission. This can often take more time than you think, typically it could take 3 to 6 months.

2.      Know your budget

At this stage start thinking about budgets. A good architect will have experience of the potential costs and will be able to assist you with setting realistic budgets. J&S House of Design would recommend you add a 25% contingency budget in case of overrun deadlines and unforeseen costs.

3.      Find a builder

Find a credible builder who has a good track record. Ask friends and neighbours and of course other trades who they know of. Bear in mind a really good builder may have a long waiting list. So start looking right away.

4.      Consult plumbers, designers and flooring specialists

Once you have your kitchen design, start to consult with specialists so that you get the very best solutions before you start the build, for example: Heating, kitchen designers and flooring specialists. J&S House of Design would recommend that you do not leave these decisions to the builder or architect. They may look for solutions that suit their own trade or schedules, rather than these specialists trades.

Tips on coordinating the various trades

  • Decide on which specialist companies you would like to work with and stick with them through the whole process, that way you will ensure the best solutions are considered all through the build
  • Think now about the timescales for all these elements and start to build a time line. A big piece of paper on the wall will not only help you keep up the momentum of your dream kitchen, but will also help you to visualise an acceptable end point

One golden rule of extending: Planning, planning and more planning

If you would like any advice on planning or designing your dream kitchen in time for Christmas 2016, get in touch and arrange a no-obligation consultation. We can discuss all your needs, show you materials, finish samples and appliance brands to help you consider all the details. When you’re ready, our state of the art CAD system presentation can be made in the comfort of your own home, or by appointment in our design studio.

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