Case Study of the Month - August
Working with Potton Build Partners

Location: Kent
Land Cost: £265,000
Build Cost: £320,000
Landscaping & Pool: £98,000
Valuation: £900,000

Carole and Simon Murphy are both in their mid-40s, they have two children and were already living in Kent when they spotted a plot for sale in a village that they knew and liked. They had been considering self building their own home for around a year and a half and were bitterly disappointed to learn from the Estate Agents that the plot had already been sold, that was in late 2012.
Then completely out of the blue early in 2013 the plot came back on the market again so Simon made an offer which was initially turned down by the agents, but after much negotiating the price for the plot with outline planning permission was agreed at £265,000.

The couple had firm ideas about the design they wanted and were happy to base the external appearance on the local houses but wanted to make it very clean and contemporary, almost minimalist internally.

After much research on the internet to find the right package home supplier, the couple narrowed it down to just two, Potton and another fairly local company. Their first step was to visit the Potton self-build Centre at St Neots where they met with one of the team of self build specialists who impressed them with his knowledge and his understanding about what they were trying to achieve.

Their initial thoughts after seeing the Wickhambrook were that they would like to build a barn. However they knew realistically that they would never get planning permission to build one on the site they were purchasing, so with the help of Potton, developed their own design.

Murphy Kitchen Diner

Murphy Exterior

“We made numerous changes following our initial design, we moved the position of the staircase a number of times, we wanted a fitness room and relocated that a few times before finally coming up with a design we were comfortable with and one that would suit our lifestyle” says Simon

“I think we got to revision H with Potton who then put us in touch with Alan and Matt at Manwaring Construction, we were immediately impressed by their experience and track record and with planning finally approved we decided they would be our appointed builder. We had quite a few specific requirements and wanted to included things like underfloor heating on both the ground floor and the first floor, an air source heat pump that would power the heating and would later be used to heat an outdoor swimming pool” said Simon. “I also wanted to incorporate an integrated lighting system throughout the house and a network system for current and future use, this seemed something that Alan and Matt were well equipped to do and had some great specialist contractors”

Construction of the new house started in March 2014, the family, having sold their existing home, were renting a small cottage just a few miles away so when Simon was working away Carole would research and locate products for their new home, discuss them with Alan and Matt and oversee some of the work.

“Being a consultant myself with a certain experience in project management I knew that building could be stressful, it is more about the things that you don’t know than the things you do. Through their experience in building with Potton, Alan and Matt were able to offer guidance, advice and calming support through the whole project, we are very happy and proud of the end result”

Clean and Contemporary

Murphy Interior 1

Murphy Interior 2

Murphy Exterior 1

Murphy Kitchen