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16 Jun 2017



As the original pioneers of self build in the UK and one of the leading names in the industry, Potton opened its Self Build Show Centre in 1992, when building your own home was a relatively new concept.

Back then, with only three house types to browse, the show centre was created to introduce self building to the discerning British public. It was designed to give prospective self builders the opportunity to see, feel and experience how a home they could build themselves would look.

However, over the past quarter of a century Potton has evolved and is no longer simply a manufacturer of timber frame kit homes. The company is now a multi-faceted self build business that offers a comprehensive package of services and products to today’s generation of aspiring self builders.

The show centre we see today is now home to five inspirational self build show houses and reflects the company’s evolution - not just visually through the homes on site but also by helping its visitors to really understand what self build means and show them what can be achieved.

As part of that evolution, the Self Build Show Centre has also become home to Potton’s industry acclaimed Self Build Academy, where the company runs over 10 different courses and events to help guide self builders through every aspect of building their own home.

Celebrating 25 Years

Our show homes have been inspiring self builders for 25 years. Isn't it time you visited?

Mark Stevenson, Potton’s Managing Director said: “The Self Build Show Centre has been the jewel in the self build crown for the past 25 years and we are exceptionally proud that Potton’s founder Peter Hutchinson had the vision and belief to create it.

"Over the years the centre has seen many changes and additions and has shaped trends and innovations within the self build sector. Now, with the introduction of the Right to Build Act in 2016 and the growing interest in Custom Build, the Show Centre is more popular than ever. With over 6,000 visitors in 2016, it is still the only centre of its kind in the UK.

"We are constantly rejuvenating the show centre, making it relevant and inspirational for today’s self-builder and have implemented an ongoing programme of refurbishment and renewal. Following last years’ successful remodelling of the Gransden and the construction of the Elsworth show home, a contemporary home built to passivhaus standards, we are now embarking on our next major investment on the site, the renovation of one our original homes, the Milchester.

"The continued success and ongoing popularity of the Self Build Show Centre demonstrates that Potton is still at the forefront of self building in the UK and we are dedicated to forging ahead with Peter’s pioneering ambitions to inspire a whole new generation of self builders. We’re ready for and looking forward to the next 25 years!”

With self build completions now estimated at around ¹12,000 per year, Potton’s Self Build Show Centre has, over the past 25 years, played a significant role in the self build revolution. It is now recognised as the education hub for ‘wanna-be’ self builders and is a must see for anyone thinking about building their own home.

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