New Home Planning Permission Service

The planning permission process is often technically complex and occasionally stressful. Therefore, many of our customers let us navigate the planning application process on their behalf, which greatly helps to lighten the strain.

If you own land you think has potential to build on, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Planning Permission Advice #1 : How To Secure Planning Permission

At Potton, our expert team of planning consultants have an excellent track record of successfully securing planning permissions from the local planning authority for our customers. In our pre-application service, we operate three steps to gain planning advice before proceeding with the planning permission application form:

●    In this early stage, get pre-application advice from our expert team to clarify the constraints and opportunities your land may present.

●    If we think your land has potential, we will review the planning possibilities of your plot against applicable policies to determine what we may and may not be able to get permission for.

●    We will then identify which specialist surveys are best carried out before making your formal application.

Potton has built over 7,000 homes over the past 50 years and we have an extremely high success rate in obtaining planning permission for customers. Therefore, we will confidently guide you on the latest planning process policy, while unlocking your plot’s potential and ensuring it's ready for your upcoming self-build project.

If you have a pre-application enquiry, contact us here for advice or call 01767 676400. You can also arrange to meet a Potton Self Build Consultant at our Show Centre to discuss your project.

This Potton barn delighted the local planners...

"We sailed through planning. Even on the planners' acceptance letter they said 'this will be a significant improvement on the local scene' - I expect they don't say that very often". - Brian Ellis


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