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Kingspan TEK Build System

The Kingspan TEK® panels comprises 142mm or 172mm thick structural insulated panels that are joined together using a unique insulated jointing system that minimises air leakage and the system is not interrupted by repeating studwork, minimising heat loss through thermal bridging.
The panels consist of a high performance rigid urethane insulation core, sandwiched between two layers of 15mm oriented strand board (OSB).

The Kingspan TEK® Building System is recognised by major building warranty providers including LABC Warranty, Premier Guarantee, Self Build Zone and NHBC. The Kingspan TEK® Building System also holds BBA Certification and a European Technical Approval.

Why Kingspan TEK® | The Benefits of SIPs

  • Exceptional thermal performance - Highly airtight with wall and roof U-Values of 0.21-0.10 W/m2K, with typical Y-Values ranging from 0.05-0.01
  • Thinner panels - meaning more floor space within your home
  • Fast, cost effective and predictable
  • Design flexibility and speed of build
  • Accomodation of all type of external facades
  • Minimal site wastage
  • Passivhaus certified

Product Information

Thermal performance
Thermal bridging
Fire performance
Based on brick cladding a wall constructed using our 142mm TEK panel achieves U-values of 0.19 W/m2.K - 0.16 W/m2.K. For lower U values we add an internal Kingspan Kooltherm lining behind the service batten. For very low energy buildings the Kingspan Kooltherm layercan be provided as an external wrap to the structure. We will agree with you the specification required to meet your energy efficiency aspirations.
The proprietary jointing system used with the Kingspan TEK Building System creates an airtight structure which can achieve Passivhaus levels of air-tightness (ie. less than 0.6 ach @ 50 Pa) if so desired. Most homes constructed using the system will achieve a performance of around 3.0 m3/hr.m2 @ 50 Pa. At this level of air-tightness we recommend the inclusion of a mechancial ventilation system with heat recovery as trickle vents on windows will not normally provide the level of ventilation required by the Building Regulations.
New homes constructed using the Kingspan TEK Building System are designed to be air-tight with low U-values. In such properties thermal bridging at external junctions has become a much more important contributor to overall than energy efficiency that it used to be. To determine, reduce and address the heat loss that occurs at these junctions the Kingspan TEK Building System benefits from thermal bridging calculations that prove the performance of the  system and help improve the overall energy efficiency of your new home. The calculations for the system demonstrate a level of performance that improves significantly over that used in the reference values utilised in SAP – the energy efficiency software used to check compliance with the Building Regulations.
The Kingspan TEK building system benefits from large scale structural fire testing and provides our customers with confidence about Building Regulation compliance.
The level of protection required in most detached residential properties is easily achieved with only a single layer of 12.5mm standard plasterboard fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If 60 minutes fire resistance is required it can be achieved with a single layer of 12.5mm fire resistant board.
The Kingspan TEK Building System comprises 142 mm or 172 mm thick structural insulated panels (SIPs) with a high performance fibre-free rigid urethane insulation core with a thermal conductivity of 0.024 W/m·K, sandwiched between two layers of Oriented Strand Board type 3 (OSB/3) (thermal conductivity 0.13 W/m·K). The insulation core is manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Build System Comparison


Kingspan Logic

Kingspan ULTIMA

Kingspan TEK

U-Value (W/m2K) 0.21 0.13 - 0.19 0.10 - 0.18
Thermal Bridging 0.05 0.03 - 0.04 0.03 - 0.04
Air Tightness Range (m3/ 3-5 1 to 3 0.05 to 1.5
SAP Fabric Efficiency 17% 24% - 28% 27% - 28%
Psi Values Good Excellent Excellent
Complete wall* 288mm 313-338mm 332-442mm
Panel thickness 123mm 148 - 173mm 167 - 277 mm
Cost Hierarchy £ ££ £££

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