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Kingspan LOGIC+ Build System

Kingspan LOGIC+ has been developed in-house by our technical team who have an unrivalled level of expertise and experience.

An inbuilt zone for services such as pipework and electric cabling allows for future service upgrades, such as extra sockets or networking, to be added to the house without compromising the insulation layer and therefore maintaining the high standard of thermal performance.

Kingspan LOGIC+ will help manage the extent of renewable energy to a cost-effective level. Kingspan LOGIC+ provides the customer with a high-performance, maintenance-free external wall solution.

Product Information

Thermal bridging
Fire performance
The provision of a dedicated service void helps maintain the integrity of the vapour control/air barrier layer. The Kingspan LOGIC+ panel jointing system provides continuity of airtightness, not only at panel-to-panel junctions but also at critical junctions with foundations, intermediate floors and roof. The air leakage barrier is dressed into openings and allows a simple tape seal to windows, doors and other wall penetrations.
Thermal bridging from external junctions is an important factor in determining the overall fabric energy efficiency of buildings, because the overall insulation and airtightness standards for UK homes are now relatively high. To address this, Kingspan LOGIC+ demonstrates a level of performance that exceeds SAP guidelines, achieving a thermal bridging y-value of 0.05 - 0.03.
The Kingspan LOGIC + system benefits from fire resistance testing to demonstrate both 30 minutes and 60 minutes of fire resistance. The 30 minutes level of fire resistance was achieved using a single layer of 12.5mm Knauf Type A plasterboard. 60 minutes of fire resistance was achieved using two layers of 15mm Knauf Type A board. Both tests were carried out in accordance with EN 13651-1: 1999.

Build System Comparison

Parameter Kingspan LOGIC+ Kingspan ULTIMA™ Kingspan TEK®
Build System Timber Frame Timber Frame SIPs
U-Value (W/m2.K) 0.22 - 0.16 0.15 - 0.13 0.18 - 0.10
Thermal Bridging (y-value) Typically 0.05 - 0.03 Typically 0.05 - 0.03 Typically 0.05 - 0.03
Air Tightness Range (m3/m2.hr @ 50Pa) Typically 3 - 5 Typically 1 - 3  Typically 0.05 - 3
Complete wall 288mm 313 - 338mm 332 - 442mm
Panel thickness 123mm 148 - 173mm 167 - 277 mm
Cost Hierarchy £ ££ £££

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