Timber Frame & SIP Building Systems

Our timber frame and SIP systems are fast to build and all exceed Building Regs standards, ensuring your new home is warm with low energy bills.

For over fifty years, Potton has been at the forefront of the self-building market, and our craft has only improved with time. Now, our reputation precedes us, and we work with some of the leading building system and insulation technologies to offer a premium product with a premium performance to match. Our timber frame and structural insulated panel (SIP) systems are measured to exactly match an individual home’s requirements, then engineered and assembled by our team of expert timber-frame builders and erectors. These systems perform highly in terms of thermal efficiency, meaning our builds are low energy and high quality.

Timber is our specialisation, and because we not diversify to other methods like masonry, we have really honed our craft. Our timber frames are made from European whitewood (spruce), which is sourced from sustainable forests in central Europe. All the wood we use is sustainably sourced and subject to a certified chain of custody. Our timber is then measured and custom built to each and every home we create.

Potton's Timber Frame & SIPs Building Systems

Build System Comparison

Parameter Kingspan LOGIC+ Kingspan ULTIMA™ Kingspan TEK®
Build System Timber Frame Timber Frame SIPs
U-Value (W/m2.K) 0.22 - 0.16 0.15 - 0.13 0.18 - 0.10
Thermal Bridging (y-value) Typically 0.05 - 0.03 Typically 0.05 - 0.03 Typically 0.05 - 0.03
Air Tightness Range (m3/m2.hr @ 50Pa) Typically 3 - 5 Typically 1 - 3  Typically 0.05 - 3
Complete wall 288mm 313 - 338mm 332 - 442mm
Panel thickness 123mm 148 - 173mm 167 - 277 mm
Cost Hierarchy £ ££ £££

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