Which Build System Should I Choose?

26 February 2019 Justin Barker, Head of Technical
Kingspan Ultima Build System on-site installation
Building your new home is one of the more memorable events in your life, but it’s also a big step that requires a lot of decisions. Many of these choices go way beyond design aesthetics to include the quality and performance of the hidden building fabric.
Homes are complex systems with multiple structural elements and servicing technologies, as well as kitchens, bathrooms, joinery and decorative finishes. The construction system you select for your new home will dictate the amount of energy required to run it (which has an impact on running costs), as well as the amount of internal living space available.
A key advantage of working with Potton is that we can take responsibility for the design and coordination of all sub-structure and superstructure elements, including ventilation, system design and energy efficiency compliance.
Our management almost eliminates the possibility of one supplier blaming another for the most significant parts of the build not working effectively together. Potton also coordinates, supply and install external windows and doors — one of the trickiest parts of the build to get right.
All of our systems have “proven to perform” credentials backed by Professional Indemnity and Product Liability insurance. We offer peace of mind that your finished home will perform as it was designed to do. We are also now able to provide our customers with independent insurance backed structural warranty.
Here’s a closer look at the different build systems we use at Potton:

External Wall Systems

Potton offers three high-quality systems — Kingspan Logic PLUS, Kingspan Ultima and Kingspan TEK Building System. Each system is factory manufactured from sustainably sourced materials, incorporating the best performing insulation products.

These wall systems have been developed to provide industry-leading thermal performance without excessive thickness, eroding room sizes or overall plot efficiency. All include an integral service zone.

As a result, services can be installed later in the build without cutting or drilling the structural timber or compromising the integrity of insulation and airtightness.

1. Logic PLUS

Kingspan Logic Plus Wall Render, Self Build System, Kingspan Timber Solutions
The Logic PLUS closed panel wall system consists of sustainably sourced structural timber insulated with premium performance Kingspan Kooltherm® phenolic insulation.

The wall system is manufactured with an integrated reflective vapour control layer and service batten and is delivered complete with an external reflective breather membrane to enhance performance and to protect the structure during construction.


Kingspan Ultima Wall Panel, Self Build System, Kingspan Timber Solutions
ULTIMA™ is a patent protected insulated structural closed panel system that delivers exceptionally high levels of thermal performance and airtightness.

This closed panel wall system consists of Kingspan Kooltherm® overlay insulation which covers a sustainably sourced structural timber wall with factory integrated vapour control and airtightness layer. The Ultima system includes secondary insulation between the structural studs to enhance thermal performance and offers a factory fitted service zone.

●    Powered by Kingspan Kooltherm® phenolic insulation which minimises wall thickness and maximises valuable floor space.
●    Exceptional airtightness and practically eliminated thermal bridging.
●    Performance significantly above Part L requirements.
●    Independently certified performance: Fully thermally modelled and fire tested to EN standards.

3. Kingspan TEK® Building System

The Kingspan TEK® Building System is a premium performance system and has been used extensively to construct Passivhaus homes.

The system has minimal thermal bridging and the jointing system delivers extremely low and robust airtightness while maintaining thermal characteristics. This system can also be combined with other Kingspan wall systems for a high-performance room in roof applications.

Kingspan TEK® Building System panels comprise an injected core of high performance, zero ODP, rigid insulation sandwiched between two sheets of sustainably sourced 15 mm Oriented Strand Board (OSB).

Engineered Floor Systems

The floor makes a big difference to the quality feel of your home. At Potton, we use 22mm tongued and grooved particleboard with heavy duty weather resistant coating. This particleboard can be exposed to the elements for up to forty-two days without issue and provides improved rigidity with a good level of slip resistance to make life safer for you and your tradesmen. We also use high-grade water-resistant D4 structural glue, which is not degraded by water and adheres even in damp conditions.

Floors also need to make life easy for service distribution, particularly large diameter ventilation ducts associated with MVHR. Cutting holes in solid timber or I-joists in the wrong location can cause real problems and so we use open metal web joists.

The structural design of the joists significantly affects the feel of the floor in use. Joists designed up to the allowable limits may feel bouncy in use and vibrate, so Potton aims for a floor that’s approximately 15% stiffer than the design code requires.


Roof Systems

Potton design and produce a range of panelled roofing systems and timber truss configurations, which - when supplemented with the craftsmanship of our carpenters— can form any roof profile.

Kingspan TEK® panels can provide an extremely high-quality room-in-the-roof solution as part of a Kingspan TEK® Building System or as a hybrid solution using Ultima™ external walls.

Internal Wall Structure

Surely there’s nothing to differentiate one wall from another? Well, actually there is. As a standard, Potton uses kiln dried 38 x 89 mm C16 structurally graded studwork throughout, irrespective of whether the wall in question supports load or not. The result is a strong wall that can support the loads from shelving and televisions without distorting.

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