Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Find out what you need to do to satisfy planning permission and building regulations for your self build.

Planning permissions building regulations

Reaching the stage where you have a design for a house and have found a plot to build it on is incredibly exciting. However, there are two crucial elements that you need to think about to move to the construction phase; planning permission and building control approval. If you are planning to demolish your house and replace it with a new one, you will also need permission to demolish it, regardless of the size, shape or location of the original house.

What is the difference between planning permission and building control approval?

Planning permission and building control approval are two separate processes. They concern two different elements of the law. You will need both to legally proceed with your build. It can be easy to get them confused though, so make sure you understand the differences.

What is planning permission?

Planning permission is approval from your local authority to build a particular structure on your land. Planning officers and committees will decide if your proposed development fits local and national guidelines. They’ll also want to be sure that it won’t cause harm or loss of amenities to the neighbouring properties.

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What is building control approval?

Building control approval, is concerned with the physical build itself. The building control departments are there to make sure that your house is being built according to building regulations. These are legal standards set out by the government for every aspect of construction. These cover everything from health and safety on site to the energy efficiency of your new house. You will need to submit structural drawings and specifications to building control, to make sure the planned build is compliant. They will also inspect the site regularly. Checking that work is being carried out safely and to the necessary standards.

Applying for planning permission and building control approval

Planning permission and building control approval are usually handled by your local authority. However you will need to make two separate applications. Just because you have planning permission to build the house you’ve designed, it doesn’t mean that the design is legally compliant or that you’re free to start construction. You must also apply for building control approval.

The reverse is true too! Just because you’ve gained building control approval, it doesn’t mean you can build without planning permission.

They are both crucial steps in building your dream home. and will help to avoid expensive problems further down the line.

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