When you build with Potton, you can do as much or as little as you want

6 December 2017 Mark Stevenson

When you build with Potton, you can do as much or as little as you want. As a Potton customer there are typically three routes to choose from when completing your build:

  • Self-manage – using a team of subcontractors
  • Employ a project manager
  • Employ a builder


For many customers the pleasure of building their home extends beyond creating a unique property designed for them. Many also want the satisfaction of being able to say ‘we built this’ and therefore chose to manage the build themselves.  Our services have been developed to provide the support needed by these customers.

We do this with an extended network of ‘customer recommended’ subcontractors and suppliers and a series of seminars and workshops intended to provide individuals with the skills to manage their own build. The workshops cover the self-build process from start to finish and are run by Potton staff and independent project managers with lots of real life experience.

Work with a Project Manager

Whilst managing a build is not necessarily complicated, it is time consuming and therefore often not possible for those with busy lives. By far the most popular option for these people is to employ an independent project manager to manage the project on their behalf.

With this approach the customer retains a high degree of control over the build and can set the agenda about how money is spent, which subcontractors are employed, how quickly the build will progress and what level of quality is acceptable.

Potton maintains a network of independent project managers who are directly engaged by the customer, usually on a fixed fee basis.
Potton self build barn in Abbotsley
The key to successfully working with any professional project manager is to clearly set out the following;

1)    Project objectives and expectations – build cost, build time and build quality.
2)    The scope of the service required and extent of their responsibility.
3)    How the service will be delivered e.g. when the PM will carry out inspections and what communication arrangements are.
4)    The process of decision making and dealing with problems – who has authority and to what extent.
5)    The arrangements for managing safety and what resources will be made available for working safely.

In addition, the role of the customer should also be agreed in a similar vein to the project manager.

There is absolutely no point in employing a project manager to manage a build if the customer constantly interferes and doesn’t allow the project manager to do their job.

Furthermore, an absent customer who doesn’t make decisions when needed or doesn’t keep the funds flowing can quickly complicate and delay the best of builds! 

Emply a turnkey builder

Dining room of a contemporary Potton self build home

Many customers find a local builder who can deliver a full turnkey build. Depending on the location Potton can often suggest builders from a networ k built up over time. 

The advantage of using a turnkey builder or main contractor is that they relieve pressure on the self-builderand reduce the number of decisions they have to make.

The downside is that the extra services provided generally lead to an increase in build cost.

two men looking at a Potton timber frame home

One Day Course: Managing Your Build

Attend our one-day course which will provide you with further information on how to build and project manage your Potton self-build home.

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