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Project Management Masterclass

This course takes you through some best-practices to make sure your site runs smoothly with good organisational skills and the right person in control.

Project Management Masterclass

Direction and leadership is an important part of the build process. To make sure your site runs smoothly you will need to have good organisational skills and the right person in control.

Join Managing Director Mark Stevenson as he takes you through the Project Management Masterclass. Mark has over 30 years’ experience as a construction professional. Making this a great opportunity for you to learn from his wealth of knowledge in the self build sector.

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Part 1 - Introduction to Self Build Project Management

Duration: 35 minutes

Course Content

  • What makes a successful self build
  • Managing your self build, what are the options?
  • The role of the self build project manager
  • How to think like a professional project manager
  • Project managers tools
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Part 2 - Managing Self Build Construction Information

Duration: 35 minutes

Course Content

  • Managing information for self build
  • Essential resources for self-builders
  • Construction information for self build
  • Effective communication
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Part 3 - Managing Time on a Self Build Project

Duration: 35 minutes

Course Content

  • Planning and programming for self building
  • Time challenges
  • Pre-start plan
  • Potton prestart process
  • Key stages of self building
  • Construction process for timber frame systems
  • Typical self build programme
  • Keeping on track with short term plans
  • Time Management for self builders
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Part 4 - Managing Money for Self-Builders

Duration: 50 minutes

Course Content

  • Budgeting for self-builders
  • Potton’s price guide for self--build homes
  • Industry average construction costs
  • Finance for self build
  • Self build budget tracker
  • Self build cash flow forecast
  • Invoice control for self build
  • Managing VAT reclaims for self build
  • Self build contingencies
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Part 5 - Managing a Quality Build to Standards for Self Build

Duration: 40 minutes

Course Content

  • Setting the standard
  • Site quality
  • Building a quality self build home
  • Regulations and permissions for self-builders
  • Regulations and warranty inspections for self-builders
  • Self build 10 year structural warranty
  • Quality records for your self build home
  • Managing quality for your self build
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Part 6 - Managing Health & Safety on Self Build Sites

Duration: 30 minutes

Course Content

  • Health and safety, CDM & the self-builder
  • Managing health and safety on a self build site
  • Site safety arrangements for self builders
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