Designing Your Self-Build Home

Designing your new home is one of the most exciting parts of self-building. This workshop takes you through developing a design, establishing your budget, and understanding the constraints and opportunities for your plot.

Potton SBA Designing Your Self Build Home



Paul Newman


3 hours, lunch included



SBA 005


A guide to designing your own home

Designing your home is perhaps the most exciting part of the self-build process. You've probably already spent lots of time gathering ideas, making wish lists and dreaming about your future home. In this free workshop, our self-build experts will take you through practical steps to getting your home designed in a way that satisfies both you, and the planning process!

We'll take you through how to create a design brief to effectively communicate your ideas to a house designer, and how to factor in your chosen build system, energy efficiency and building regulations.

Course Contents

  • Creating the Design Brief
  • The Potton Design Process
  • Examples of Potton Homes
  • Choosing a Build System
  • Building Regulations
  • Design for Construction
  • Energy Efficiency
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Staff Paul Newman

About the presenter

Paul Newman, Self Build Director

Paul completed his education with the award of a Ph.D. from Imperial College. After a brief time working as a University lecturer, he moved into the timber and construction industries where he has remained for over 30 years. Paul’s skills led him to sit on the Technical Committee of the Structural Timber Association (STA) as both a member and then chair. He also spent several years as a director of the STA. Paul joined the Kingspan group in 2007 working on some of the most exciting low-energy projects in the UK and now leads the team at Potton as Self Build Director.

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Q&A Session

An interactive day designed for you to engage and interact with our self build experts. They will deliver valuable advice with opportunities to ask questions to help you through the build process. It’s also a great opportunity to network and build relationships with fellow self builders to share ideas and useful information.

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Visit the Show Homes

There may be times during the day for you view the show homes. A final opportunity to think about the finishes and details you may want to include in your new home.

Show Centre Aerial View