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29 December 2016 Paul Newman, Self Build Director

It is often said that businesses should be mindful of their heritage. In our case you might argue that we should be mindful not only of our Heritage but also our Rectory, Shire, Renaissance and Barn as well!

Today, around half of all of the architectural designs we create for new customers are completely bespoke; this is a reflection not only of the diverse range of requirements that our customers present us with, but also the more demanding nature of all of us as consumers in the 21st Century.

It also demonstrates the desire of our customers to use their self build project to create something that is genuinely individual and truly unique; after all what is the point of building your own home if you simply follow the pack.

Potton show centre aerial view
We are lucky enough to now have 6 fully furnished show homes, five at our Show Centre in St. Neots and one at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC) in Swindon.

If you have known our business for some time you’ll be aware that in the past we have created, and now maintain for reference, an extensive portfolio of designs. We publish 100 of the best in our Ideas and More Ideas books and a small selection from these, including our show houses, can reasonably be called our Signature homes.

We are keenly aware, that apart from anything else, these Signature designs provide an absolutely fantastic starting point for creating a new home – after all, we have found through experience that they are the most popular in our portfolio and have been used for inspiration on numerous previous occasions.

We also know from experience that lots of our customers find it both useful and comforting to take something we have designed previously and develop it to create a new design specific to them.

Some people find it harder than others to visualise space and this is where the show homes really come into their own as you can test what will and won’t work for the way you live.

It is important that customers don’t see this as a compromise approach as it is one that does bring real benefits and clearly, designs that have been constructed previously, have been ‘roadtested’.

There is an added benefit in that our designers have an in depth understanding of the opportunities and constraints inherent within the design of our Signature homes; they understand the floor spans that can be readily achieved, the structural impact on roof purlins of creating a longer gable projection and whether that gable can be made wider easily.

I’m not trying to say that our Signature homes will appeal to everyone; rather, I want to take the opportunity to make clear the benefits that this approach can bring – our Signature homes are popular for a reason!


Potton Gransden Show Home St Neots
Our Heritage range is where it all started and the Gransden has always been our most popular design; and rightly so. The remodelled version at our show centre looks very traditional with exposed posts and beams, open eaves, feature dormer windows and a beautiful inglenook fireplace.

Inside, the house really flows and will ‘work’ as a modern flexible interior for many, many families. We can create four or five bed variants of the house and on the right site they look superb.

Find out more on the Gransden here


Potton Caxton Show Home St Neots
Our Caxton show house is more compact but capable of working as both four and three bed versions. It can be wide fronted or narrow fronted and can even incorporate an integral garage; let us know what you want to achieve and our team will help you get there.

Find out more about the Caxton here
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Potton Milchester Show Home St Neots
“If only I had the plot for a Milchester” is one of the saddest sentences I hear and unfortunately I hear it far too often. Our large Queen Anne style Rectory show home with it’s light and airy rooms lends itself perfectly to a modern lifestyle.

The traditional external design is instantly familiar. Other designs from within the range, for example, the Papplewick are smaller and all can be expanded to utilise the roof space as additional living accommodation.

The external appearance can be varied from brick to render or stone and roof pitches and hips can be added and altered to help minimise the sometimes imposing bulk of the style.

Find out more on the Milchester here


Potton Wickhambrook Barn St Neots
We started designing barns when we worked out that lots of self builders dreamt of living in a converted barn but that there weren’t enough to go around.

We also recognised that many of those that were available came complete with complicated structural, design and energy efficiency constraints. We designed and constructed the Wickhambrook to take our previous efforts further and to demonstrate that the familiar post and beam structure could be omitted or pushed to new limits.

We also wanted to show that a new barn didn’t have to come with the same energy efficiency constraints as a converted one.

Since completing the first Wickhambrook in 2012, we have designed dozens of versions for customers all with new, and very arguably, improved additional features and layouts.

They have been clad in brick, timber, flint and a mixture of all three to suit the vernacular of the area they have been built in. 

Find out more on the Wickhambrook here


The Shire range of houses is like a family of Chameleons. It is capable of providing the inspiration for everything from country cottage to traditional farmhouse and contemporary eco-box to impressive executive home (not 3 words I like to use). The Barley, Ashwell and Denham provide some of the most frequent starting points with an endless range of final designs easily achievable. If you’re not sure what you want then why not start your dreams from here.


Potton Ruskin Show Home inside National Self-Build & Renovation Centre Swindon
Unfortunately, Potton cannot lay claim to the arts and crafts movement (1880 – 1910).

However, I could probably run a reasonable argument that the movement embodied many of the concepts we consider essential with the idea of sustainable development as we know it today; it certainly produced some of the most exciting and innovative architectural designs in recent history.

Our own Renaissance range, a much more recent development, reflects that excitement and innovation both inside and out. 

Inside, the building structure allows the creation of large open plan spaces and externally the envelope not only delivers a good level of thermal performance but also picks up an extensive range of visual cues from the period.

In contrast, the Irving turns the wide fronted Ruskin through 90o to suit a more suburban narrow fronted plot whilst delivering an impressive amount of accommodation inside.

Find out more on the Ruskin here
Potton Milchester Show Home Lounge

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