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14 June 2018 Potton News
5. Nu-Heat LoProMax UFH installation in progress in kitchen extension

If you’re planning a self-build, underfloor heating (UFH) is the ideal solution for your Potton home as Nu-Heat explain.

Incredibly efficient, UFH will keep every part of every room snug and free your walls to give you complete interior design freedom.

Why choose UFH?

An expertly-designed UFH system gives you the freedom to choose - where to put your furniture and how to set the temperature of each room to suit your lifestyle. When you choose a tailored UFH system, you can expect to enjoy:

•             Free wall space to display your fixtures and fittings - no more working around radiators
•             A consistent, even heat across your whole floor – no more cold feet
•             Low running costs from your efficient heating solution – no more wasted energy
•             The option to integrate renewable solutions like heat pumps and solar thermal – reducing your carbon footprint
•             A bespoke, whole-house heating solution tailored to your property’s build type, floor construction, insulation levels and floor coverings – no more ‘one size fits all’
•             Accurate, room-by-room temperature control – no more guesswork

How does UFH work?

UFH is an ‘invisible’ heating system that works by pumping a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump, through tubing hidden beneath or laid in panels directly on top of the existing floor.

Why choose a designed UFH system?

Properties of all ages can be suitable for UFH, but just as no two homes are the same, neither are any two rooms in your property. A designed UFH system is bespoke to your home, using room-by-room heat loss calculations to account for insulation and glazing levels, the building’s construction, and your choice of floor coverings.

What type of UFH is best for a new build?

UFH is particularly cost-effective and straightforward to install as part of a new build project, fitting neatly into the build schedule. Screed UFH is a popular choice for new builds and extensions, delivering a high heat output that is ideal for large open-plan living and kitchen areas. Specialist fixing systems such as Nu-Heat’s ClipTrackTM hold the UFH tube in place, following a bespoke layout that ensures an even, comfortable warmth over the entire floor area. 
14. Nu-Heat UFH in completed bedroom renovation

Can I have UFH upstairs?

Yes, UFH can be installed on all floors, and there are even UFH options that also reduce noise transfer between floors.
Specialist UFH systems for joisted floors, such as Nu-Heat’s ClippaPlateTM UFH, can either be installed over the joists from above (before the floor deck is fitted), or between joists from below (before the ceiling is in place). With no height build-up, these UFH systems avoid any disruption to fixtures and fittings, and floor coverings can be fitted as soon as the floor deck is in place.

How much does UFH cost to run?

Warm water UFH is really efficient – around 25% more efficient than radiators when paired with a modern condensing boiler and up to 40% more efficient when running from a heat pump*. Because of this, running costs are often lower than a traditional radiator system and around a third of the cost of an equivalent electric UFH system.

Do I need a special boiler?

No, UFH works with gas, oil and LPG boilers as well as heat pumps.  UFH can also be run alongside your existing heating system, which is particularly useful for extensions or where UFH is only required in part of the property. 

Why choose to pair UFH with a heat pump?

Choosing a heat pump can significantly lower your fuel bills as well as reduce your environmental impact.

Heat pumps use the free supply of natural energy from the air or ground to generate heating and hot water, typically transferring three times more energy into a property as heat than is used to extract it from the air or ground. A great eco-solution for any property, a heat pump is a particularly beneficial alternative to a boiler if your property does not have access to mains gas.

Heat pumps are at their most efficient when operating at lower temperatures, making this technology ideal for teaming with UFH, which operates at a much lower flow temperature than radiators.

2. Nu-Heat thermostat

How do I control my UFH?

A good supplier will design your UFH to give you complete control over your heating, with individual room-by-room temperature control and scheduling. They will also provide you with a comprehensive user guide, including step-by-step instructions on how to control your system. Some systems even give you the option to control the entire system from your smartphone or tablet.

Can I have carpet?

Yes. UFH is compatible with a wide range of floor coverings, including carpet, tiles, engineered timber and vinyl.  A good supplier will design your system to work with your choice of floor covering, providing a consistent, controllable heat. 

Still have questions about UFH?

Nu-Heat believes that choosing and installing the right heating system for your home should be simple, efficient, and stress free, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
As the only heating company awarded a Distinction from the Institute of Customer Service, you can trust Nu-Heat’s specialist UFH advisors to provide you with all the support you need.

Everything you need to know about underfloor heating

Speak to one of Nu-Heat’s specialist UFH advisors on 01404 540650, email info@nu-heat.co.uk to discover heating as it should be, or discuss it with your Potton Self Build Consultant.
*EURay 2005

About Nu-Heat Underfloor & Renewables

Nu-Heat is the largest supplier of warm water underfloor heating systems to the UK domestic market having delivered over 70,000 fully designed underfloor systems to self-builders, installers and developers nationwide. Nu-Heat also designs and supplies fully integrated ground source and air source heat pump systems as well as solar thermal. 
With award-winning warm water UFH systems, unbeatable expertise in integrating renewables, bespoke system design, award-winning customer service and the very best technical knowledge, Nu-Heat is the chosen supplier for thousands of homeowners across the country.
The only heating company awarded a Distinction from the Institute of Customer Service, you can be confident that Nu-Heat will provide you with the support you need.
Visit the Nu-Heat website here or speak to your Potton Self Build Consultant about Nu-Heat UFH in your new home.
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