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11 July 2018 Potton News

The phrase “flat-pack home” is a way of describing a home built using prefabricated parts. The parts are built off-site and the house is then put together on-site, minimising built time and maximising precision. Find out more about how flat-pack homes can facilitate your self-build dreams...

Flat-Pack Homes

Image of a flat pack home under construction

“Flat-pack home” or “kit home” are both terms to describe houses built in a factory or manufacturing facility. The house isn’t built in a factory per se, but the parts that make up the finished construction are created there.

The “flat-pack home” is then transported to the site in its constituent pieces and erected on-site. This process reduces labour time and, therefore, the build costs for the self-builder.

It also ensures that the parts that the house is made up of are manufactured to exact measurements. The factory setting where the parts are made means that there are fewer variables to cause inaccuracies in the build.


Why It’s Not ‘One Size Fits All’

Often, people assume that such homes are “off the shelf” and that you have to select from a catalogue of house types with preset floor plans and house layouts. This is far from the case, with many providers offering a complete bespoke design service.

With Potton, no two houses are the same. While it used to be true that we offered only four house styles, now, in 2018, most of our homes are completely bespoke, designed to suit our customers’ lifestyles, plot and build budget.

The “flat-pack” element is in the process, rather than the extreme limitations of a catalogue-bought house. It simply means that once we have designed your home, we then build the elements that will make up your house in a factory.

This is a modern, efficient and cost-saving approach. It relies on fewer factors having to be coordinated for timing. It does not limit you in what you can and can’t build, and you are able to implement truly bespoke and high-quality designs using this method.

Benefits Of Flat-Pack Houses

There are numerous reasons that people choose the flat-pack home route. As they are manufactured within a factory environment, all parts are designed, measured and cut with precision, meaning costly on-site mistakes are avoided.

Speed of build is another benefit, as flat-pack houses are very quick to erect on-site. Compared to masonry builds — bricks and blocks — the build schedule is much shorter. The timber frame that forms the basis of the build is often fully erected within just a couple of weeks. This means less time is spent waiting for the building to become weathertight and ready for the next stage of the process.

There are a variety of build systems that we offer advice on, and each has its own unique properties. What they all share in common is their unrivalled thermal performance for the thickness of the walls and rapid build time.

Flat Pack Mansions

Large country self build home with timber cladding exterior

Flat-pack homes are growing in popularity, largely due to the increased awareness brought about by television shows such as “My Flat-Pack Home” and “Flat-Pack Mansions”. This is, of course, in addition to features on Grand Designs and other self-build and renovation programmes.

There is a tendency to believe that what you see on TV cannot be done at home, but the process is straightforward, and at Potton, we’re able to take you through each step and draw upon our long history of delivering wonderful new homes for our customers.

As Seen on TV

Potton self-builders David and Lesley Lennox were featured on “Flat-Pack Mansions” on Channel 4 in 2017. The programme looked at new prefab luxury mansions being built in super-quick time across the UK.

Their contemporary new Potton home is set in an idyllic setting, looking out over the open fields of Hampshire.

Read the Lennox case study here

The Cost

Flat-pack home prices in the UK vary. At Potton, we can design your new home, help you obtain planning permission, and supply and erect your new home. This means that the costs of our timber frame homes vary depending on the project.

If you already have an architect’s design for your new home, we can still construct the timber build system, giving you all the benefits of a Potton self-build home. You should visit our Potton Select page to find out more and submit your drawings for a quote.

Flat-Pack Home Cost Calculations

To help you calculate an approximate build cost, we recommend that our customers work on an average cost of £1,300 per m² as a general rule of thumb. Please note this would cover the total build cost price, not just that of the timber frame or flat-pack home kit.

As you will see from the homes featured in our Gallery and Case Studies pages, our customers’ homes range from a build cost of under £200,000 all the way to over £500,000 — as well as everything in between. The cost of the build is dependent on factors including, but not limited to:

  • The complexity of the design
  • The location of the build
  • The materials used
  • Whether you self-manage the project or employ a specialist project manager
  • The quality of the finish.

You can download our budget guide, which sets out the build costs of four of our popular show home designs. This will provide a good indication of what size of home can be achieved on your budget.


If you’ve already got drawings, send them to us and we’ll give you a quote for free. If not, get in touch with any other query at all about flat-pack homes, or any of our other services. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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