"Great design and planning service"

Names: Graham and Mo Setterfield Occupations: Semi Retired Ages: 55 and 51

If you could describe in a single sentence how you feel about our service, what would you say? 

Great design and planning service, severely let down by recommended project manager

Did you attend one of our seminars or workshop presentations and if so, was it beneficial?

No, but attended various home build shows and some seminars held by them

How did you feel after visiting our self-build centre?  Were our design and planning experts able to help you to create your new home?


Did you use the services of a Potton approved builder or subcontractors for your project?

Yes, used the services of Oghma Project Services, Sean Parker


Graham and Mo Setterfield

Were you satisfied with the performance and level of support provided by your Contracts Manager and the erection team whilst on site?

Very satisfied with the frame erection by Potton.  However experience with Project Manager was less than favourable, 8 month and continuing over run, poor procurement of some trades resulting in substandard finish, poor PM and planning, lack of accountability, many basic issues missed.      

How would you describe the whole self-build process? Was it, easy, challenging, inspiring, would you do it again?

Overall enjoyed the challenge, but would definitely be more hands second time around, and would definitely think twice before employing a PM





Graham and Mo Setterfield