Potton Self Build Show Centre

The Potton Show Centre has five fully furnished show homes for you to explore. They’re built to different sizes, styles, and specifications to cater to everyone’s tastes, plot, and budget. There is always a Self Build Consultant on hand to answer any technical questions. The Show Centre is also home to our Self Build Academy, which hosts informative workshops about every aspect of the self-build journey.

We're happy to announce that, from Wednesday 25th November, our Show Centre will be open for appointments. Just let us know when you'll be coming and we'll be able to make sure all the necessary safety measures are in place.

​Don’t forget you can still take virtual tours of all our houses on our website, and our staff will be happy to answer queries via phone or email. If you need more detailed support we can offer virtual meetings as well.

Thank you for bearing with us throughout this year, and we're looking forward to seeing you very soon!

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Show Centre & Budget Guide

  • Show centre map
  • Show house floor plans
  • Guide build cost table


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Potton Self Build Show Centre

Potton Self Build Show Centre

Mill Lane

Little Paxton, St Neots

PE19 6EF

01480 403285

Open: Mon-Fri 9-5 & Saturday 10-4