Think you've found a plot?

If you have identified a building plot then we can help

First Steps...

Is it a plot or not? You can do some further reading and research to help determine if your plot has potential to build on.

Our 'Land Appraisal' document provides a great deal of information and poses questions to help you uncover the detail. 

There are numerous things to consider: 

  • Is the site within the town/village boundaries or in the open countryside?
  • Is there appropriate access to the site?
  • Has the land had planning permission in the past?
  • What are the ground conditions?
  • Could you get services to the plot, if so at what cost?

We understand this can be overwhelming - we're here to help.  

Request A Planning Appraisal

Request a Planning Appraisal

Potton have built over 6,500 homes and have a high success rate in obtaining planning permission. Potton are best placed to guide you on the lates planning policy, unlocking your potential plot so it's ripe for building on.

If you have identified a building plot then why not take advantage of Potton's planning appraisal. Simply complete our online form here.


Top Tip's from expert David Snell

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