Land in the open countryside...

Have you identified a plot of land, or are you looking to build in your garden?

Looking to build?

If you have identified or own a piece of land in the open countryside (i.e. land located outside the built-up framework of the town or village) then it is classified as open countryside in planning policy terms where there is a strong presumption against any new non-essential housing.

In such circumstances, we would suggest that you submit a formal pre-application enquiry to your Local Planning Authority.  This entails the completion and submission of a form together with an ordnance survey extract showing your site edged red.

Information in relation to pre-apps can be found on your Local Planning Authority’s website or on the Planning Portal – click here to visit the Planning Portal website.


When to contact Potton

Should your Local Planning Authority provide you with a positive feedback then we would gladly assist you in designing the house of your dreams and assist you fully in obtaining planning permission for the same. Visit our Design & Planning Services page for further information about how we can help.

For further information please call 01767 676400 or email


*The image below shows in red the build-up framework of a village. Anything outside the town or village boundary would be considered open countryside.

Built Up Framework Imge