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The Potton Insulation Package  

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The Potton insulation package includes all the necessary insulation to complete your build to the right specification and in accordance with your SAP assessment. This includes:

  • a SAP assessment - Free for Potton self build customers (Non-Potton build customers £150 +VAT per assessment which is refundable against the purchase of your insulation pack)
  • a FREE U-Value calculation of each building element
  • a FREE condensation risk analysis of each building element
  • all necessary Kingspan Kooltherm floor, wall and roof insulation
  • all loft quilt insulation
  • all partition wall and floor sound insulation

Take a look at the Kingspan Insulation U-Value Calculator here

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For most people, building your family home is a once in a life time ambition and choosing the right specification for your building envelope is incredibly important and a decision that you must get right. Potton’s building fabric solutions represent the next generation in building performance and use only the highest performing insulation products, including the premium performance Kingspan Kooltherm Insulation - find out more.


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Small Quantities

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Insulation by Potton

The Potton Insulation Service

Making sure that the energy performance of your new home achieves your expectations is extremely important, after all you only have one chance to get this right. To ensure that your home complies with the Building Regulations and that the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can be issued at completion of your build, the building fabric must be constructed in accordance with the SAP assessment for you.

To help you achieve this,  Potton can establish an insulation strategy that meets your needs and  complete your SAP assessment. We will then supply a complete insulation package to ensure that your building envelope conforms to the standards required.

Our team of experienced and accredited SAP assessors will work with you to complete the necessary calculations taking into account the range of factors that contribute to energy efficiency:

  • the materials used in the construction (thermal mass)
  • the thermal insulation of the building fabric
  • the level of air tightness of the building
  • the heating and hot water system and controls
  • the ventilation system used in the building
  • the amount of low energy lighting
  • the fuels used to provide heating, hot water, ventilation and lighting
  • the glazing type and orientation (solar gains)

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