High Performance Homes

We understand that you want your dream home, but you want it to be at the cutting edge of construction techniques and quality. You want your home to be comfortable and warm, but you don’t want it to cost the earth to heat, or for it to be any less environmentally sustainable than it can be.

At Potton we understand the importance of using sustainable construction methods to lower energy costs and provide the best internal environment for you and your family. As part of the Kingspan Group of companies, Potton is ideally placed to understand how best to achieve this and has the expertise to help you build the most efficient home saving you money and lowering your carbon footprint in the process.

For most people, building your family home is a once in a life time ambition and choosing the right specification for your building envelope  is incredibly important and a decision that you must get right.

Potton’s building fabric solutions represent the next generation in building performance and use only the best performing insulation products including the premium performance Kingspan Kooltherm.

Kingspan Tiimber Solutions - Logic Pink

Kingspan Kooltherm Insulation

Kingspan Kooltherm is an extensive range of premium performance rigid phenolic insulants for roof, wall and floor insulation. Kooltherm offers the following benefits:

  • The thinnest commonly used insulated timber frame wall solution for any specific U–value.
  • A thermal conductivity as low as  0.019 W/m.K these are the most thermally efficient insulation products commonly used.
  • The insulation is Class O in terms of surface spread of fire as defined by the Building Regulations in England, Wales & Ireland
  • The closed cell structure resists both moisture and water vapour ingress – a problem which can be associated with open cell materials such as mineral fibre and which can result in reduced thermal performance.
  • Unaffected by air infiltration – a problem that can be experienced with mineral fibre and which can reduce thermal performance.
  • Safe and easy to install – non–fibrous.


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