Our Planning Service

The process of securing planning permission is often technically complex and occasionally fraught. Most of our customers let us take the strain and make the planning application for them.

The process of securing planning permission is driven by a complex mixture of national and local policy documents. To the untrained eye, the implementation of these policies can occasionally seem inconsistent and tainted with a layer of emotion and ‘politics’.

From the very start of your journey our expert team will guide you through the process, beginning with a free appraisal of your plot to clarify the constraints and opportunities it presents. We will identify which specialist surveys are best carried out before making your application and which we think should be left until requested.

Most of the planning applications we make can be accommodated within our standard fee agreements. However, some plots require a level of input it would be unfair to include within this because of the additional report preparation they require. We will advise you of any additional charges before beginning work on your application.


Potton have built over 6,500 homes and have a high success rate in obtaining planning permission. Potton are best placed to guide you on the lates planning policy, unlocking your potential plot so it's ripe for building on.

If you have identified a building plot then why not take advantage of Potton's planning appraisal. Simply complete our online form here.

Request A Planning Appraisal


Is it a plot or not? We regret that is you are in the open countryside (outside the town/village boundary) it may be unlikely you will gain planning permission. We advise you to have a discussion with your local planning authority before contacting Potton.

Is It A Plot

You can do some further reading and research to help determine if your plot has potential to build on. Our 'Land Appraisal' document provides a great deal of information and poses questions to help you uncover the detail. 

We understand this can be overwhelming - we're here to help. Please download our FREE Land Appraisal Guide here

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