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The Design Process Explained

The Design Process Explained

Designing your new home is one of the most exciting things about self building. This masterclass will explain how we go about working with you to design your new home from start to finish.

It will take you through the process of developing a design, beginning with establishing your budget and understanding the constraints and opportunities inherent in your plot. We will help you think about how you might want to live in your new home and guide you through the process of creating a design brief and working with a designer all the way through to a planning submission. 

We will explain the design work needed to make a Building Regulations submission. We'll also go through what we do behind the scenes to get ready to manufacture and construct your dream home! 

This masterclass is also aimed at helping attendees understand more about energy efficiency and the different levels of performance that can be targeted. It will also cover the pros and cons of different building systems and heating solutions available in the UK.

Location: Potton Self Build Show Centre

The Potton Self Build Show Centre in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire is home to 5 self build show houses, showcasing different types of builds you can achieve with your own self build project.


  • Forming a Design Brief - What you're hoping to achieve, consider your available budget, how you want the house to look both internally and externally.
  • Preparing for Planning - Any design restrictions, positioning of the house on the plot, fitting in with the street scene and local vernacular.
  • Creating Your Design - The design stages - feasibility, concept and outline design and detailed design development.
  • Choosing a Build System - The types of building system that Potton can offer.
  • Building Regulations - The work involved in preparing for Building Regulations submission.
  • Design for Manufacture & Construction - What goes on behind the scenes as we prepare for the manufacture and construction of your new home.
  • Energy Efficiency - Discussing the different options for self builders to build greener homes.

Potton Self Build Show Centre

Potton Self Build Show Centre

Mill Lane

Little Paxton, St Neots

PE19 6EF

01480 403285

Open: Mon-Fri 9-5 & Saturday 10-4