Introduction to Self Building and How to Find Land

Introduction to Self Build & Finding Land

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Attend our Seminar -  10am-1pm

If you are considering self build for the first time, or are still searching for a plot, then this seminar provides an essential introduction to the process. It covers key topics including finding land, designing your home, getting planning permission, and how to build a timber-frame home.

This webinar will provide you with all the information you need to start your self-build journey.


  • What is self build? - Who does it? How do people manage their builds? How do you find a plot?
  • Top tips for finding a plot - Is it a plot or not? - Managing risks - Purchasing a plot
  • Finance - How much does it cost & how to budget for your build
  • Design - How to create a design brief, understanding lifestyle requirements and budget limitations
  • Planning Permission - Understanding and navigating the planning process
  • Energy efficiency explained
  • The construction process
Course Cost: Free

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