How to Find & Appraise a Plot Masterclass

Fed up with searching for a plot? We can help! Our one-day Masterclass will tell you all you need to know about finding and appraising a plot.

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You will leave with advice and tips on how to find and appraise a potential building plot.

Course Highlights

Self build plot of land
  • Top 20 ways to find a plot
  • Live example of using online mapping to find a plot
  • Plots to avoid
  • Pay the right price for the plot

This extensive in-depth and informative Masterclass will delve deeper into the challenging world of plot hunting to give you the expert advice and knowledge you need to find, and determine the suitablility of your ideal plot. This course is run by Potton's Managing Director, Mark Stevenson.


About the presenter

Mark Stevenson, Potton
Having worked as a builder and construction professional for almost 30 years, Mark Stevenson is Potton's Managing Director where he now helps self-builders build their own homes.

Whilst Mark describes himself as a ‘professional builder’ as a result of his career in house building and timber systems manufacturing, he has specialist knowledge of timber construction and extensive expertise in finding land and appraising building plots. Mark will share his knowledge with you in this unique one-day masterclass which will leave you inspired, informed and energised to proactively find that seemingly elusive self-build plot.

Aside from Mark’s professional career, his skills also extend to practical building knowledge as a skilled joiner, hands-on renovator and serial self-builder of his own development projects.

Course Contents

How to Find Land and Appraise a Building Plot Seminar Masterclass (max. 20 spaces)
Presented by Potton Self Build Consultant Mark Stevenson - Managing Director
Cost £75 or use of Free Pass £165
Duration 4 Hours 6 Hours
Delegate numbers Max 50 Max 20
Lunch provided
Why are plots hard to find? Y


The right to build legislation Y Y
Competitors in land buying Y Y
Understanding the competitor advantage   Y
How to get started Y Y
Understanding the difference between land and a building plot Y Y
How much land do you really need Y Y
What to look for when looking for a plot – different plot types Y Y
Plots to avoid Y Y
Specialist planning policies for exception plots   Y
Top 20 ways to find a plot Y Y
Case study examples   Y
How to identify plot ownership Y Y
Replacement dwellings Y Y
Replacement dwelling appraisal / Checklist   Y
Custom build plots Y Y
Using online maps and plans Y Y
How to make your own plot   Y
Live example of using online mapping to find a plot   Y
The plot buying process explained Y Y
Legal considerations explained   Y
Option agreements explained   Y
How to assess the viability of a plot Y Y
How to make sure you pay the right plot price Y Y
Plot valuation excel model – live demonstration   Y
Assessing the planning potential of a plot Y Y
Planning appraisals  - detailed considerations   Y
Obtaining pre-application advice Y Y
How to prepare for a pre-application meeting   Y
Identifying plot construction risks Y Y
Plot construction risks, detailed examples   Y
Managing the risk – site surveys and investigations Y Y
Ten common planning mistakes Y Y
Ten top tips for buying the right plot Y Y
Supporting Material
5 P’s Plot Assessment Model (Excel spreadsheet download)
Free Book - How to Find and Buy a Building Plot (Speer & Dade)   Y
Plot Valuation Tool (Excel spreadsheet model)   Y
Course notes and supporting material – available as a download Y
+ printed & digital copy