How to Get Your Project Moving After Planning Permission is Granted

Granted Planning Permission: How to get your project moving

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We find that once planning permission has been secured many self builders find themselves unsure of how to go about getting to the point where their project can start on site.

The euphoria (or relief) felt when gaining permission is quickly replaced with the question – What now?

This workshop aims to address that question and will enable those attending to move their project forward with confidence.

This course is for you if you either have or are soon to secure permission for your new home build.


Location: Potton Self Build Show Centre

The Potton Self Build Show Centre in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire is home to 5 self build show houses, showcasing different types of builds you can achieve with your own self build project.


How to:

  • Ensure your permission is protected and you can discharge the applicable conditions in a timely manner.
  • Complete the purchase of your plot and commission outstanding  site surveys and investigations.
  • Make sure you understand the realities of managing your budget and have sufficient funds in place to complete your build.
  • Evolve the design from that prepared to secure planning permission into one that is ready for construction.
  • Realise the benefits of a package approach or assemble your project team designer, engineer, SAP assessor, warranty provider, system etc…
  • Create a realistic pre-start programme so that your build starts when you want it to.
  • Make sure that pre-start construction drawings, health and safety information and utility provision are in place.