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Why use a Project Manager when building your new home...

I have helped many people build their own homes and I have often been asked “why should I use a project manager?”

Middletons + Josh Custom BuildWell, apart from keeping me employed, there are several advantages to the self-builder. 


  • Your build will be planned from beginning to end
  • All the trades will be coordinated in the most efficient manner
  • Materials will be sourced cost effectively
  • You will receive pertinent advice about all aspect of the build from beginning to end
  • You will receive impartial advice about such things as environmental and renewable technologies
  • You will have an accurate costing for the whole of the build
  • You will be kept up to date with the overall budget expenditure
  • Final inspections and certifications will be taken care of
  • They will almost certainly save you money along the way!


There are many more reasons, but to put it in a nutshell, your project manager should be your “Building Buddy”

I like to have a good relationship with my clients and always try to keep them informed every step of the way with what’s happening on site.  I ask for their input at the appropriate times, such as choosing where all the electrical fittings are to go. 

One thing that often catches people unaware is that you will need to choose your bathroom fittings well before the timber frame has been erected.   This may well seem a bit premature, but the important thing is that your plumber will need to know whether shower fittings are concealed within a wall or surface mounted.  If they are within the wall, you will need the actual fitting available when the first fixing starts, which will be as soon as the frame has the roof felt on!  Just one small tip there, and completely free of charge!


I don’t have many clients where money is no object, and for most of us it is important to understand how much the project will cost before we start.  That’s why I like to get actual quotations before the work commences. In that way things are pretty well fixed unless you decide to make changes.  That also enables me to allow a minimal contingency figure for the unexpected.

A word of warning, beware of the light fittings!  Before you ask for 40 LED downlighters in the kitchen, just check the price.  They can easily be £30.00 each and will soon start to make a dent in your contingency figure!

Please bear in mind that the contingency sum is designed to cover those little areas that you will need but can’t put a cost to, wardrobe shelving for instance.  It is not to allow you to treble the cost of your kitchen!  This is actually what one of my clients did, and I did wonder at the time why they were so sheepish when I asked what figure I should be putting into the revised budget plan!  Of course it’s up to you how you spend your budget, but it is easy to get carried away.


Potton Services

Potton are now able to offer a range of services, the Potton water tight build package, this is where Potton will take care of:

  • your site clearance
  • Foundation and drainage installation
  • Supply and erection of the timber frame
  • Supply and fixing of roof tiles and external cladding such as brickwork and render

You will be left with a water tight shell that will enable you to concentrate on the internal fit out which is often the more rewarding aspect for a self builder.

Potton offer two options for project management:

1. Employ an independent or Potton approved Project Manager

Take away the day-to-day running of your build. Potton have a register of approved project managers who can direct the build for you. Their fees depend upon the size and complexity of the project, but to Potton customers with little time to spare, they're worth their weight in gold.

 2. Potton Project Managed Service

An enhanced in-house support service intended to get your project off to a flying start. It is designed specifically for the self builder wjo does not want to be involved in the "heavy side" of the construction process in the early stages of the build.

Potton will carefully plan and manage your build from foundations to a completely watertight and secure structure including roof tiling, external cladding and the installation of windows and doors. This leaves you to concentrate on the more manageable (and enjoyable!) stage of your project covering the fixtures and finishes of your new home, where you can use your ideas to create your own dream interior.

Potton is now able to offer an enhanced in-house support service intended to get your project off to a flying start.  It is designed specifically for the self builder who does not want to be involved in the “heavy side” of the construction process in the early stages of the build.

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