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Build your dream home with Potton. We have Custom Build plots available across the UK

The problem with self build is not having a suitable plot to build on. 

So what Custom Build by Potton does is...

We work, in agreement with landowners, stakeholders and other partners, to create serviced plots available to buy with an obligation to build a Potton home.

We are delivering on our commitment to provide this opportunity to those wanting to build a Potton home and will promote each site as early as the process will allow.Custom Build Sites Coming Soon2

Together, we seek to bring forward sites by securing planning permission, designing and procuring the infrastructure works and finding customers to purchase plots. As each stage is achieved we will update and add information to keep those interested informed.

Register your interest on any site at any time, and we’ll also advise of sales launches and direct you to those taking reservations.

Find out more about Custom Build here.

What’s the difference between Self Build and Custom Build?

It depends. For Potton, the answer is relatively simple.

Self Build –  An individual finds a plot and takes overall responsibility for designing, planning and constructing the house they build on it.

Custom Build - Someone other than an individual wanting to self build brings forward a site for development. The site may consist of single or multiple plots and at the very least is provided with the infrastructure necessary to enable individuals to design, plan and construct self build houses on it.

A Potton Custom Build Home is:

  • Tailored to your budgetGraven HIll House Collage 1
  • Designed for you
  • Meets your specifications
  • Built for you or by you

What Custom Build by Potton is not….

Critically, we are not buying land for development. Custom Build by Potton is not a developer.

This is beneficial for landowners as it enables them to receive a fair price for their plots from self builders. In turn this benefits self builders as Potton are not seeking to make a profit the sale of land.

Once the self builder has reserved a plot we work with them to design their home and help them to construct it. This is just the way our self build process works. The only difference is that design is guided using a thematic Design Code developed in partnership with the planning authority.

As you might imagine, the Potton model for Custom Build is centred around meeting the needs of our customers. A Potton Custom Build home is a one-of-a-kind home, designed for a specific client and location. It offers a fully serviced plot with a choice of systems and routes of build and enables the customer to build their home or have it built for them.

Find out more about Custom Build here

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How to find land course

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Attend our one-day 'How to find land' course. The course will give you advice and guidance on how to go about locating your ideal plot, and what to look out for when you identify a potential plot. Visit our Self Build Academy website here to find out more and book your place.