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Exclusive Summer Offer!

For the next two months, get your planning fee paid for by us!

At Potton, we design high-quality homes to suit your lifestyle, budget and plot. Our passionate team of self-build and planning consultants, architects and designers can help bring your home ideas to life.

Whether you choose to work with us to create a bespoke design or if you choose to tailor one of our existing designs, if you instruct us to start designing your home during July and August, we will pay the planning application fee when your design is ready to submit!
(£462 plus £28 planning portal fee)

Let's get started!

  • The offer applies to single dwelling applications only where we have agreed to take on the project and the customer has signed our Design & Planning Service Agreement and paid our fee.
  • The current planning application fees for a single dwelling are £462 planning fee + £28 Planning Portal fee.
  • Our Design & Planning fee for a bespoke property is £5,400 + VAT.
  •  Our Design & Planning fee for one of our Signature homes is £4,000 + VAT.
  •  If your site is within a conservation area or AONB, has a history of planning difficulties and/or we consider your proposal to be contentious then additional fees may apply and your Potton Self Build Consultant will advise you accordingly.

A Little Bit About Our Design & Planning Services

Our design and planning service includes:

  • The creation of a dwelling design based on your requirements, taking into account any relevant local authority planning issues and advising you accordingly.
  • Preparation of 1:100 scale plans and elevations for the final agreed design. It is likely that your design will go through several iterations as it develops and you should allow time for this process to take place.
  • The design and preparation of site and location plans to reflect items such as access and parking requirements, together with basic boundary and landscaping where applicable. Some authorities now require a drainage design to be submitted at the time the application is made. Preparation of this design will be charged in addition. 
  • Submission of the completed application package, ongoing monitoring as the application progresses and liaison with planning authority as required until determination.
  • Notification of the final outcome and advice on associated matters such as planning conditions and their discharge.
  • Our service does not include the cost of appeals or re-submissions.

Before we can start work on you new home you will need to provide us with:

  • A survey of your plot showing boundaries and topography of the site.
  • Drawings showing the ‘street scene’ and simple line plans and elevations of any existing dwelling.
  • Details of any known site hazards such as buried high voltage cabling.
In some cases your local authority may require additional reports and surveys to be prepared to support your application. This could include surveys relating to a wide range of subjects but most frequently; arboricultural, ecological, flood, highways and archaeological. Our team will advise you on the reports most likely to be required on your project and help you get the survey information you need. It’s not always possible to determine with 100% which reports your authority may require and there are too many options to make a ‘let’s get everything approach’ a sensible one.

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