A prefabricated (prefab) house is a building constructed out of individual components. They are custom made in a factory and then erected on site.

Prefab is a broad term and actually applies to many different construction methods. So long as part of the house is manufactured in a factory setting, it could be considered prefab. Two terms which help to narrow things down are ‘flat-pack homes’ and ‘kit homes’.  You can find more information about these construction types below.

What Are the Benefits of Building with Prefabricated Components?

Perhaps the best reason is that it’s incredibly easy to create a bespoke design. At Potton we work with you to manufacture a unique home to your specifications. Producing components with a high level of accuracy in our controlled factory environment. Which is great news for your hew house! As there are less issues caused by human error and a house that is air-tight and thermally efficient.

Are Potton Homes Prefabricated?

Yes, our houses are modular prefabricated homes. But this term, along with others including kit homes, flat pack homes and factory-built homes, tends to be misused or misunderstood. Our homes are bespoke and designed to your specifications. They are not 'off the shelf prefab style homes' where you pick from a catalogue, limiting your choice in house types and designs.

Today, the majority of our self-build homes are completely bespoke constructions. They are architecturally designed to suit your plot, lifestyle and budget.

What is a Kit Home?

A ‘kit home’ is a prefabricated frame, manufactured in a factory. It is then delivered to site as components, ready for construction.

What Are Flat Pack Homes?

A flat-pack home is also a prefabricated structure, delivered to site to be erected. However, as the term implies most of the work will be been done in the factory. Reducing the chance of delays due to weather. As with other prefabricated methods, ecologically friendly features are easy to incorporate too.

All of Potton’s timber frame homes are manufactured here in the UK at our factory in Bedfordshire. If you'd like to see the factory in action, why not attend our free ‘Introduction to Self-Build’ seminar day? It includes a factory tour!

What are SIPs?

SIPs stands for Structurally Insulated Panels. Panels made from two pieces of sustainably sourced OSB with a high-quality insulation core. Using SIPs results in a robust and flexible structure that can be erected very quickly.

A house built with SIPs is strong and energy efficient. It’s a cost-effective option due to the reduced build time and labour required. You’ll also enjoy long-term energy savings!

Design Your Dream Home with Potton’s House & Floor Flans

We have an extensive 'Ideas Book' with hundreds of sustainable prefab house designs and floor plans. The book aims to help you, as an aspiring self builder to develop your ideas. It’s by no means exhaustive and only scratches the surface of what Potton can offer in terms of design.
Potton Ideas Book

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At Potton, we also offer the service to use an experienced team, to erect your superstructure frame on site. This gives you peace of mind when looking for a reputable carpentry team, to complete the first stage of works.