A ‘flat-pack home’ is a house constructed out of pre-cut components. These components are manufactured in a factory and put together on-site. Constructing a house like this comes with a wealth of advantages. Including a shorter build time and easy customisation. Saving time, money and manpower.  It could be the perfect way to realise your self build vision.

In addition to the time and cost benefits, self-builders can also enjoy a higher level of accuracy. With all the pieces cut by automated processes, the chance of error is hugely reduced.

What Are Flat Pack Homes Made From?

Flat-pack homes are usually made as a timber frame system or SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels). These are then clad to achieve the desired style. This could be anything from traditional brickwork or stone to a modern metal look.

Can You Customise Flat Pack Homes?

People usually assume that flat pack style homes are 'off the shelf' from a selection in a catalogue.  In fact, many providers offer a completely bespoke design service. Which means you can design a house that’s entirely your own.
With Potton, no two houses are the same and most of our homes are completely bespoke. We create unique designs to suit our customers’ lifestyles, plot and build budget. This is a modern, efficient and cost-saving approach. With fewer factors to coordinate, as the whole process is controlled by us. From design, manufacture to superstructure site works. You’re able to easily build bespoke and high-quality designs.

What Are the Benefits of Flat Pack Houses?

There are many reasons why people choose the flat-pack home route:
  • Houses are manufactured within a factory environment. All parts are designed, measured and cut with precision. Meaning costly on-site mistakes are avoided.
  • Speed of build. Flat-pack houses are very quick to erect on-site. Compared to masonry builds (bricks and blocks). The main structural elements (walls, floors and roof) are fully erected in a short period. Reducing the time to get the building weathertight, ready for the next stage.
There are a variety of build systems that we can offer advice on, all with their own unique properties. But what they all have in common, is their excellent thermal performance, for thickness of walls and rapid build time!

What is the Cost of Flat Pack Houses?

As you might expect, the price of a ‘flat-pack house’ really depends on what kind of house you want to build. As a general rule, the larger it is, the higher the cost. The same would be true with any other construction method.

To help you calculate an approximate build cost, there are a number of online build cost generators you can access. However, each site has its own specific criteria. At Potton we can help guide you on the cost to build a Potton home. 

Some factors which can impact the cost are: 
  • Complexity of design
  • Location of build
  • Materials used
  • Whether you self-manage the project or employ a specialist project manager
  • Quality of finish

At Potton, we can design your new home and help gain planning permission. We also supply and erect the superstructure with the option to add our Weathertight package.