Self Build Academy®

Getting started is easy. Join our Self Build Academy® and let us guide you all the way through the process of building your own home.

The Self Build Academy® contains four core workshops and a range of seminars and events, each targeted at different stages of the build process. Together, they will guide you all the way through the process of building your dream home and will help you develop the skills needed to successfully complete your project.

No matter what your current self build status our Self Build Academy®  has a course for you. Whether you're right at the initial stages searching for land, or ready to build we can guide you through the process.


For a full list of all our free seminars, courses and self build events please visit our Self Build Academy® website here.


Whether you’re a first-time selfbuilder or seasoned professional, this book tells you how to succeed at housebuilding. It explains everything you need to know about managing a build, buying and using materials, finding and employing the right people – and doing it all without the pitfalls. Buy it via Amazon here






Courses & events

  • An introduction to self build
  • How to find land
  • How to appraise a plot
  • Making the most of your plot
  • My Energy Efficient Home
  • Design Process Explained 
  • Self Build in a Day
  • Designing your perfect kitchen
  • How to plan & start your build
  • Pop-up events; visit a live site
  • How to control & complete
  • Self Builder Networking (Coffee morning events)


Please visit the Self Build Academy website for a full list of events and to book your place.

 Networking Feb14