Benefits of Timber Frame Homes

12 July 2018 Potton News

Why Build with a Timber Frame?

Image of a timber frame being carved
Timber frame buildings from Potton are typically more energy efficient than those constructed using other methods of construction.

Some of the qualities that set apart our timber frame homes:
  • Highly insulated. Heat loss through external walls and roofs is reduced dramatically.
  • Airtight. This further reduces heat loss caused by unwelcome draughts.
  • Minimal cold bridging. Cold spots in the insulation are eliminated by our build technique.
  • Reduced risk of over-heating. Easy to control temperature, energy efficient, and thermally responsive internal environments reduce the risk of uncomfortable temperature swells.
  • Sound acoustics. Our robust acoustic solutions minimise noise transfer between and within dwellings, so you don’t have to hear your neighbours’ music, the sound of traffic outside, or the television in the next room.

Our structural timber solutions are available for almost every type of building. Factory-based manufacturing improves the quality of the parts and dimensional accuracy. Offsite construction methods also reduce accidents onsite by containing the bulk of the work within a controlled factory environment. This is particularly important on self-build sites without full-time site managers.

Timber Frame Sustainability

It’s important to consider the environmental benefits of building with timber, too.
  • Our wood is a genuinely renewable material, as it comes from sustainable forests with an independent chain of custody. We provide certification to prove this.
  • It’s a natural product that removes carbon dioxide from the environment as it grows (it sequesters carbon as it grows) and stores it for the lifetime of the building.
  • Our timber has a lower embodied energy than all other mainstream construction materials.
  • We offer and utilise products that are re-used, recycled and then recovered to produce energy.
  • We aim to make zero waste sites a reality for our customers.

The Flexibility of Timber Frame Homes

When you decide to use a timber frame, you are confronted with an unrivalled range of self-build structural solutions with unbeatable versatility and flexibility. The materials are incredibly easy to work with, and even the most specific shapes and sizes are effortlessly cut to size in an offsite factory.

Building with a timber frame means you often have infinite opportunities to make create a truly unique space — your imagination and the ambition of your house designer are the only limits. There is a wide range of specifications and solutions in a variety of price points applicable for almost every application that you may need them for.

Greater Affordability, Better Value

Building with a timber frame is also the best route to an energy-efficient home when it comes to value for money. You will find good value at every stage of the build — from design, planning and setting up all the way through the build and to your life in your new home afterwards.

The fact that parts are created and sometimes partly assembled off-site prior to your actual build means that build times are greatly shortened compared to other build methods. You also have more certainty about the total cost of your build, as the parts are specifically made for your design, and are made to measure for a set price.

This short build time also covers for delays due to bad weather or unexpected situations — if you are expecting a build time that’s around 60% shorter than a different build system, there is 60% less chance for the elements or bad luck to hamper progress.

Furthermore, once the house is built and lived in, the efficiency of the high-quality insulation and lack of cold spots and draughts mean the timber-frame build system will have effectively saved future costs — these savings are built into the process and the benefits are felt for years to come.

The reason timber is so widely used is not only because it is simply tried and tested — it gives self builders a great deal of certainty and security prior to and during the build process. The savings you make at this stage are then reflected again in the life of the home — through reduced energy bills and the need for repairs.

Speak to us about your self-build ambitions, and find out more about why building with a timber frame could save you money at the same time as granting you flexibility. Get in touch with us today!

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