Kingspan ULTIMA Timber Frame Build System

Kingspan ULTIMA is our closed panel timber frame build system, engineered and manufactured in our quality-controlled factory. With a variety of options available, Kingspan ULTIMA provides U-values between 0.16 to 0.11 W/m²K to suit your energy efficiency requirements.

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U-Value (W/m2K)

0.16 to 0.11

Air Tightness Range (m3/m2.hr)

1 to 3

Panel Thickness

187 - 237mm

Complete Wall Thickness (assuming brick cladding)

352 - 402mm

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Benefits of Kingspan ULTIMA for self build

Improved Health and Safety

As less time is spent on-site thanks to large scale construction elements being delivered from the factory.


Where Kingspan ULTIMA panels join other elements the jointing detail helps to achieve the required level of airtightness.

Fire Performance

The Kingspan ULTIMA system benefits from fire resistance test evidence from accredited third-party laboratories in accordance with the European Standards BS EN 1365-1. We are also able to provide test evidence for our floor and roof elements, tested in accordance with BS EN 1365-2 fire resistance tests for floors and roofs. This gives you peace of mind that your build system will be supplied with a test report demonstrating that it meets the requirements of the building regulations.

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Accurate Build Schedule

As timber frame construction is a dry method of construction, adverse weather has a reduced impact on the speed of work on-site, helping you stay on schedule and plan with confidence.

Reduce on-site costs

Lower on-site labour costs as reduced work is required on-site. As panels are manufactured in a quality controlled environment less waste is produced on site. Waste can be costly to dispose of.

Slim Wall Build-up

Giving you more internal floor area and potentially increasing the value of your home.

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Rapid Build Times

Kingspan ULTIMA is manufactured in a factory and then delivered to site, ensuring a faster and safer build.

Design Flexibility

Our Kingspan ULTIMA timber frame system can be designed and constructed to match almost any design.

Energy Efficiency

Kingspan ULTIMA has strong energy efficiency credentials, helping you towards building your warm and comfortable home.