Lighting is quite often overlooked and more often than not, it becomes a last minute choice

22 May 2018 Potton News
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Lighting is quite often overlooked and more often than not, it becomes a last minute choice, however it is one aspect of interior design that it’s vital to get right.  

When choosing lighting for your space, there are three keys factors to take into consideration: 

- The function of the light (i.e. task lighting, general purpose or ambient lighting)
- The direction the light will be shining in (remember white ceilings also reflect light)
- The aesthetics of the light fitting 
Task lighting

Spotlights are great for lighting a work area such as a study or kitchen surfaces, they are often adjustable too meaning you can aim the light exactly where you want it, or even adjust the fitting to suit your varying tasks unlike Halogen spots, LEDs run at very cool temperatures, making readjustment possible even after hours of continuous usage.  Depending on the type of task you may also want to consider installing downlights.

Bedroom lighting

Subtle lighting works best in a bedroom so choose a fitting where the light can be dispersed softly. Small pools of light from clusters of table and floor lamps will help create a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Bathroom lighting
With bathroom lighting you must adhere to bathroom lighting regulations, referring to the bathroom zones and IP (ingress protection) ratings of light fittings.
Spotlights are great in bathrooms.  Make clever use of existing mirrors to maximise light if necessary or add one of our illuminated LED mirrors. For a larger or L-shaped bathroom why not try combining a decorative centre light with functional downlights where more light is required.
It’s often hard to find feature lighting for bathrooms that come with adequate ingress protection but at tp24 we’ve made this possible.  So how about some crystal in the bathroom for a change?  The 6 arm LED Osterley crystal and chrome semi-flush fitting shows how glamorous LED lighting can brighten up your bathroom without you having to fall into the trap of functional lighting.  For a low ceiling, choose a flush or semi-flush light fitting.

Children’s lighting

Children’s lighting is all about fun. Why not theme your child’s room with one of tp24s space station light fittings and continue the theme with a dark blue blind and bedding.  Alternatively build your own colourful or unique fitting.
Lighting small spaces and corridors

Consider the shape of your space.  Compact spaces benefit from being well lit.  The Redbridge zig-zag spot bar can be positioned to direct light into any dark areas if you’ve got a long kitchen or corridor or even want to bend light around a corner then our flexible Tennessee spot bars are the perfect solution.

Have low ceilings? Flush fittings and downlights will give you maximum head clearance and get you out of a tricky spot when your fitting needs to be mounted in close proximity to a swinging door.


Too many people position their downlights in a linear, ‘runway’ fashion if this will provide adequate lighting then that’s great, however, for most situations, this will leave the home owner with dark spots, particularly over work areas.  It is important to plan the positioning of the lights exactly where you’ll need them, over the sink, over the counters and in the walkways. Even better, put these three lighting groups onto separate switches so you only end up using what you need to, when you need it.

Dining lighting

Create a statement in your kitchen by fitting suspended lighting over your breakfast bar or dining table. Don’t limit your space to just one light, if the space can accommodate multiple fittings then using multiples of three and five are more aesthetically pleasing.
Living room lighting

In a living room the lighting should only be noticed as part of the d├ęcor, not because it is overpowering.

Lighting the whole room is not essential, layers of light will make your guests feel relaxed so use a mix of table and floor lamps along with ceiling and wall lights to create the mood you desire.  

Placing Floor lamps in the corner of a room will help to widen a small space.

Statement lighting

Lighting can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary space.  

Statement lighting will always add a wow factor to any room, hung low over your dining table, or in a tall stairwell.  

Lighting is one of, if not the most important, factors in an interior design scheme. Consider all the different levels of lighting in the room from the ceiling pendants, wall lights and table/floor lamps.

Open-plan lighting & continuity

When lighting an open plan room it’s best to let the lighting flow, continue through with similar or matching fittings, especially in a lounge-diner.  

Consider complementing your fixed lighting with matching floor and table lamps to pull off your look.

Look at the size of your room(s) before choosing your light fitting(s). One of the biggest mistakes people make is not getting the size or quantity right.  

Consider the positions of the fittings, the number of arms required and the brightness of the lamps (bulbs).  

Many older houses had ceiling fittings positioned close to the windows does it need moving to a central point or do you need two lights instead of one for the size of the room.

Saving money and energy with LEDs

As you are probably aware, LEDs can save you a lot of money when compared to incandescent and halogen lighting.  

Our design team have developed an easy to use, LED savings calculator to tell you exactly how much money you can save, give it a go at
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