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4 June 2018 Potton News

What Are Our Prefabricated Houses

 Image of a prefabricated house

Prefabricated (prefab) homes are manufactured offsite then transported to their end location where a specialst team erect the timber frame.

Benefits of prefab homes are that you can work with a package company such as Potton to design a bespoke home to your exact specification.

Timber frame and structural insulated panel (SIPs) homes are factory engineered and ensure a high level of accuracy as well as being highly airtight meaning your new home will be thermally-efficient and cheaper to run.

So are Potton homes prefabricated?

Timber frame self build house

In a word yes, our houses are modular prefabricated homes but this term, along wtih others including kit homes, flat pack homes and factory built homes tends to be misused and misunderstood. Our homes are bespoke and designed for the individual or family who will end up living there.

Our homes are not 'off the shelf prefab homes for sale' nor selected from a catalogue range of house types, though this was the case many years ago.

Today, the majority of our self build homes are completely bespoke constructions and are architecturally designed to suit your plot, lifestyle and budget.

All of our timber frame homes are manufactured here in the UK at our factory in Bedfordshire. If you'd like to takea tour of our factory then why not attend our free Introduction to Self Build seminar day which includes a factory tour.

House Plans & Floor plans

Potton have an 'Ideas Book' which contains hundreds of sustainable house designs and floor plans which is available to download here. This book aims to help aspiring self-builders by giving initial design ideas and act as a starting point. Our Ideas Book is by no means exhaustative nor representative of what Potton can offer in terms of design. You will see from our gallery and case study page just how individual and bespoke some of our homes have come to be.

Flat Pack Homes

Potton Self Build featured on flat pack mansions on channel 4

The term 'flat pack home' is another way to define prefabricated homes. This phrase is often used to describe timber frame homes manufactured within a factory before being delivered to site where they're constructed into your new home.

Potton self-builders David and Lesley Lennox appeared on Channel 4's 'Flat Pack Mansions' last year - find out more here.
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Download Our Ideas Books

Log-in to our Potton Library where you can download and save our Ideas and More Ideas Book, both full of house designs and floor plans to inspire your self-build.

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