Why build with timber?


  • Timber-frame buildings from Potton are typically more energy efficient than those constructed using other methods of construction. They;
  1. are highly insulated – reducing heat loss through external walls and roofs
  2. airtight – which reduces uncontrolled heat loss through unpleasant draughts
  3. benefit from minimal cold bridging – which eliminates uncomfortable cold spots
  • Easy to control, energy efficient, thermally responsive internal environments reduce the risk of over-heating
  • Robust acoustic solutions minimise noise transfer between and within dwellings – so you don’t hear your neighbours’ or your children’s music
  • Structural timber solutions available for almost every type of building
  • Factory based manufacturing improves quality and dimensional accuracy
  • Off-site construction methods reduce accidents on-site by removing work into a controlled factory environment – a particularly important point of self-build sites without full-time site managers


  • A renewable material from sustainable forests with independent chain of custody certification to prove this
  • A natural product that removes carbon dioxide from the environment as it grows (sequesters carbon as it grows) and stores it for the lifetime of the building
  • A material with lower embodied energy than all other mainstream construction materials
  • Products that are re-used, re-cycled and then recovered to produce energy
  • Making zero waste on site a reality


  • An unrivalled range of structural timber solutions with unbeatable versatility and flexibility
  • Materials that are easy to work with in the factory and on-site offering limitless easy to customise design options
  • A wide range of specifications and solutions available for almost every application


  • The low cost route to energy efficient buildings that reduce the need for renewable technologies
  • Fabric first, energy efficiency reduces running costs for life
  • Faster build times reduces site preliminary and labour costs
  • Timber frame is tried, tested and widely used
  • More price certainty
  • Fewer build delays caused by bad weather – meaning a more predictable build programme
  • Better health and safety on and off-siteSTA Logo MEMBER STACKED