"Potton’s location was key to the choice."

Names: Melanie and Andrew Oxer Occupations: IT Manager and Director Ages: 46 and 45

Did you attend one of our seminars or workshop presentations and if so, was it beneficial?

No, did not attend

How did you feel after visiting our self-build centre?   

We were able to gain some good information and advice plus an idea of the build quality.  It also made us realise that we didn’t want the beams in our house.

Were our design and planning experts able to help you to create your new home? 

They were although the design guy that started work with us left partway through and the replacement was not as helpful.  We were left to come up with designs ourselves and only after showing them to someone outside Potton did we realise that some of the designs did not work.  We got there in the end but the support at the design stage could have been better.


Melanie and Andrew Oxer

Did you use the services of a Potton approved builder or subcontractors for your project? 

Yes we did, we used a mixture of those recommended and our own contacts.

Were you satisfied with the performance and level of support provided by your Contracts Manager and the erection team whilst on site?

Yes, very impressed.

How would you describe the whole self-build process? Was it, easy, challenging, inspiring, would you do it again?

It was hard work keeping ahead of the trades but very challenging and inspiring.  It was easy, not too difficult.  We split the project between us and each looked after certain trades.



Melanie and Andrew Oxer