"We would like to thank Potton for providing us with the blank canvas for us to paint our dream house."

Names: Diane and Philip Naylor

“We had known about Potton for many years but always thought they only provided mock Tudor buildings built around large inglenook fireplaces - neither of which held any appeal for us. That was until we studied their designs in detail and realised that the post and beam structure is capable of providing the kind of open plan that we wanted, and a design concept that would allow us to specify the kind of contemporary sharp finish that we were looking for”

We had harboured the ambition to build our dream house for many years, spurred on by TV programmes like Grand Designs. We thought the most difficult part would be finding the plot and that did take a long time and was expensive - in the end we had to buy to demolish and replace. We lived in the old house for year - not only to get a feel for the site but also to make decisions about the design for the new house. We had a very firm requirement for a completely open plan living area with lots of glass, but we also had a list of very practical requirements - not the least of which was that we should be able to build the house ourselves and we wanted low risk approach to building regulation approval.

We took our ideas to a number of cutting edge architects who listened to our ideas and then presented us with ideas for what they wanted to build rather than the house we wanted to live in. There is also the wacky aspect to their approach which seeks to use novel types of material and complex junctions, both of which add cost risk.

At the other end of the spectrum were the companies that offer standard designs for 'developer' type properties. These seemed to focus on creating as many rooms as possible without regard to flow or how the building will be lived in.


Diane and Philip Naylor

Working with Potton's local sales manager made the whole process painless - he had already built his own 'Potton' home and was particularly adept at translating our ideas into a buildable reality. This service also included the whole planning and building control approval process” 

When the great day came the frame erection team arrived on time and all the building elements arrived in the right order at precisely the right time. This masterpiece of logistics helped to ensure that work progressed very quickly and without the damage that can occur when materials need to be moved around and worked around on a site. The erection team also left the site clean and tidy, without any piles of waste to be disposed of.

After many months of work we were ready for the second fix joinery. This was delivered on the day we wanted it and included everything we needed to add the finishing touches, completing the sharp but soild and substantial effect.

We would like to thank Potton for providing us with the blank canvas for us to paint our dream house.


Diane and Philip Naylor