Client testimonial

Names: Mick & Isobel Jennion Occupations: Commercial Manager in IT

Children: None at home House built: Feb - Sept 2013

County: Bedfordshire Land cost: £195,000

Total build cost: £295,000 Current value: Unknown

If you could describe in a single sentence how you feel about our service, what would you say? 

You built our confidence that a self-build home was something that we could do and when we had the opportunity to do it you enabled us to complete the lifelong dream to build our own home.


Did you attend one of our seminars or workshop presentations and if so, was it beneficial?

Yes we attended several as we live close to the Potton Show Centre.


How did you feel after visiting our self-build centre?

We felt that it was possible to build our dream home even with no experience or real knowledge of the construction industry.


Did you use the services of a Potton approved builder or subcontractors for your project?

Yes, we opted for a Potton approved Project Manager, Shaun O'Conner from Forge Projects who we felt we could work alongside. The Project Manager was key to the success of our build. He told us exactly what we needed to do and when to do it.

He kept the project to time, and most importantly to budget.  He also assisted us in choosing some really first class trades people from the Potton Approved Contractors list.





Were our design and planning experts able to help you to create your new home?

We had several attempts to get the design right.


Were you satisfied with the performance and level of support provided by your Contracts Manager and the erection team whilst on site?

The erection team were brilliant, especially when we reflect that four inches of snow fell on the morning that the frame was delivered and the temperature barely rose above freezing the whole time they were onsite.


How would you describe the whole self-build process? Was it, easy, challenging, inspiring, would you do it again?

We loved it and we would definitely do it again but it may be just a little late in our lifetime.  We will be encouraging all our friends and family who are thinking about it to do it.


Why Self Build?

Because one can fulfil a dream and you can really build a home that looks like you want it to look, has the right features to suit your lifestyle and has most of the things you want in it.