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Below are a number of mini case studies from previous clients: please note that costs and valuations shown were correct at the time of build, which may be some years ago in a number of cases

Paulette and Geoff Cusick

Profession Retired Clinical Scientists
Location Devon
House Type Bespoke Shire
Cost £550,000 (Land £190,000)

Why Self Build?

"Geoff had a long-standing wish to build our own house, having done lots of refurbishment and alteration work on our houses in Surrey, we knew that, if we bought a house, we would inevitably want to change it, and Geoff felt that by building from scratch, we could achieve a better result."


Why Potton?

"Potton seemed like a large enough company to be stable, a particular consideration in 2011 when many small builders were in financial difficulty.  It also meant that Potton could offer a lot of support in the design and regulatory approvals areas. In discussion with the account manager, we understood that Potton’s designs were not fixed, and that we could specify the house to meet our wishes."


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Graham and Mo Setterfield

Profession Semi Retired
Location North Devon
House Type Bespoke
Cost £480,000 (Land £245,000)

Why Potton?

"Great design and planning service, very satisfied with the frame erection by Potton." 


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Lorraine and Jeff King

Profession Retired & Company Director
Location Sussex
House Type Hazelhurst
Cost £610,000 (Land £365,000 - Build £245,000)

Why Self Build?

After living in the South of France for some time the couple had some firm ideas of how they wanted to live. Having moved home numerous times over the years, this was to be the house where they would finally put down their roots.


Why Potton?

In 2012 when revisiting the Potton self-build centre at St Neots they were delighted to learn that the company not only had a much larger portfolio, but were able to offer a complete bespoke service to suit both the client’s needs and the site itself .


Profession Self Build Consultant and Project Manager
Location Cambridgeshire
House Type Bespoke
Cost £160,000 (Land £70,000 - Build £90,000)

Tom and Zoe's self build has been shortlisted for the 2014 Build It Awards under the category of 'Best Affordable Home.' They have also appeared on the BBC2 series 'The Home That 100k Built.'


Why Self Build? 

“I thought why not self-build? With professional support and advice guiding you through the build, you can let your ideas and requirements become a reality and build the house you always wanted and have it exactly as you need it.”

Why Potton? 

"I have worked for Potton for several years and I see from my clients how amazing an achievement it is to have built your own home. You have input to every aspect of how it is designed and how it ultimately looks."


Profession Data Manager & Consultant
Location East Sussex
House Type Heritage 'Doddington'
Cost Unknown

Why Potton: 

"The design service and manufacture of our house fully met our expectations and we absolutely love living in it."


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Melanie and Andrew Oxer

Profession IT Manager and Director
Location Bedfordshire
House Type Bespoke
Cost £300,000 (Land £250,000)

Why Self Build?

"Found the ideal land and needed a challenge plus a new home in the right location for our daughter."

Why Potton?

"We decided on Timber Frame and wanted to try and use local trades.  Potton’s location was key to the choice."


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Elizabeth and Ron Cox

Profession Housewife & Retired Engineer
Location Hampshire
House Type Bespoke Shire
Cost £300,000 (Land £0 - Build £300,000)

Why Self Build?


"Already owned land as part of garden so no land cost, wanted something smaller."


Why Potton?

"Had known about Potton for over 20 years so had good reputation, Helen excellent in interpreting and Pottonising our existing design to suit us and the planners."


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Profession Accommodation Business & Property Developer
Location Cambridgeshire
House Type Bespoke
Cost £1,013,000 (Land £495,000 - Build £518,000)

Why Self Build? 

"The self build process was challenging but rewarding – however we are currently living in a property that we would not have been able to buy on the open market - which is individual, unique in its design and very comfortable."

Why Potton? 

"The Potton representative came across very well and made reference to the fact that Potton could offer the ‘safe hands’ route. The timber frame construction, with its ease of access, allowed us to incorporate systems that would have been more costly to install in a masonry build - intelligent lighting, a whole house audio system, under floor heating on all floors, remote controlled blinds and a whole house data network."


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Profession Phlebotomist & Hospital Chaplain
Location Gloucestershire
House Type Bespoke
Cost £525,000 (Land £265,000 - Build £260,000)

Why Self Build? 

"It had always been our dream to design and build our own home, so when the opportunity came to buy a piece of land, we jumped at the chance.Christina had a very clear idea of what she wanted from the house and they both knew that this was a one-off opportunity to build something that would see them through the next 20 odd years.

Why Potton? 

From the moment we spoke to Potton at the beginning of the project until we finished, the service we had from every part of the organisation could not have been better; put simply, it was quite outstanding


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Profession Bill – Company Director & Angie – School Bursar
Location Thorpe, Surrey
House Type Bespoke Dartmoor Bungalow
Cost £538,000 (Land £285,000, build £253,000)

Why Self Buid?

When the Jenkins decided the home they’d lived in for the last ten years wasn’t the one they wanted to spend the next ten years in, but the idyllic riverside location in Staines was, the only place they wanted to be, there was just one thing to do - self build.

Why Potton?

"Potton handhold their customers through the whole process, ensuring that from gaining planning permission to getting the technologies right for achieving high energy efficiency levels, there is always the right help available."

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Mick and Isobel Jennion

Profession Commercial Manager in IT
Location Bedfordshire
House Type Papplewick A
Cost £295,000 (Land £195,000)

Why Self Build?

"Because one can fulfil a dream and you can really build a home that looks like you want it to look, has the right features to suite your lifestyle and has most of the things you want in it."


Why Potton?

"You built our confidence that a self-build home was something that we could do and when we had the opportunity to do it you enabled us to complete the lifelong dream to build our own home."


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Profession Project Manager
Location Bedfordshire
House Type Bespoke Caxton
Cost £470,000 (Land £225,000 - Build £245,000)

Why Self Build? 

"We wanted to create a “modern” energy efficient house, whilst retaining a cottage appearance."

Why Potton?

"Liked the design and style, sales and design support excellent."



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Helen and Ken Read

Location Suffolk
House Type Bungalow
Cost Unknown

Why Self Build?

"The lifelong ambition to build a home of our own design has been the most rewarding experience of our lives."


Why Potton?

“We have nothing but praise for the way in which Potton acted from our first visit to the St Neots show home site, our dealings with Richard Hall during the decision making time, our attendance of a most helpful Project Management Workshop day, the regular progress report from both Greg Rumbles and Daniel Walker through to the delivery of the timber frame”


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