Case Study 3
Contemporary design

"We wanted our house to be contemporary and eco friendly, but we knew it also had to meet the local planning requirements. Thankfully, with Potton’s help, we were able to get creative and build in a range of eco benefits to cut down the long term running costs of our new home”

Location: Northamptonshire
Build Cost: £380,000
Current Value: £600,000
Build System: Kingspan TEK Building System

Meet Cliff and Shena Cooper, who’ve built an ultra modern eco home in Northamptonshire. Cliff is a semi-retired solicitor and Shena is the CEO of the Secret Seed Society.
When the couple set out to extend their existing home, they had no idea they would end up building from scratch on a new plot.  “We always thought we would build an extension and upgrade the house in terms of efficiency. However, after negative feedback from numerous contractors we decided to cast our net a bit wider,” says Cliff.

“We came across the plot when it was advertised for sale in a local newspaper. It had planning permission to build a chalet bungalow, but I knew we could alter the plans,” says Cliff. “We wanted something very contemporary and eco-friendly.”

Despite talking to a number of companies, Cliff and Shena settled with Potton who said they could do anything they wanted.  “We had tons of requirements but after being introduced to one of Potton’s designers, they listened to our suggestions and turned these ideas into something perfect for the location,”

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The house

Before commissioning the design, the couple researched renewable heating systems and specified an air source heat pump and a mechanical ventilation system with heat-recovery, plus solar thermal panels for hot water. When Potton designed the property they included structural insulated panels (SIPs), providing a thermally efficient building envelope, to prevent heat loss and allow the low carbon systems to work to the best of their ability. Potton's chosen SIPs system is the Kingspan TEK Building System - click here to find out more.

“It was very much a collaborative effort and is very much our house as a result of the input from Potton and us,” says Cliff. “There are so many things that Shena and I love about it – not only is it cheap to run, it’s so light and airy inside and thanks to the amount of glass we have used throughout, it provides a sense of Mediterranean living.”

“I love standing on the balcony and gazing outside. Thanks to the high levels of insulation and low carbon technologies, it’s always warm and cosy no matter how cold it becomes outside.”

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