Case Study of the Month - July
Starting Over..

Location: East Sussex
Land Cost: £345,000 (including existing bungalow)
Build Cost:£316,000
Current Value: £650,000

Lorraine & Jeff purchased the land in 2010 with a bungalow already on it, the people who owned it previously had used it as a holiday home. The whole plot was overgrown with trees and shrubs a great many had to be removed.

The original idea was to completely renovate the existing building and add an extension, but on looking at the possibilities and the costs to bring the bungalow up to today’s insulation standards, that idea was abandoned in favour of a new build.

They worked on numerous plans together and couldn’t really come up with an idea that would suit their lifestyle, they had moved home numerous times over the years and this was to be the house where they would finally put down their roots.

Then they remembered the company that they had followed for many years and who at the time had very few designs to offer, they had visited the Potton show houses in the early 1990s but then decided to shelve the idea.

In 2012 when revisiting the Potton self-build centre at St Neots they were delighted to learn that the company not only had a much larger portfolio, but were able to offer a complete bespoke service to suit both the client’s needs and the site itself. 

Working with Potton

As it turned out both Lorraine and Jeff liked the basic design of the Hazlehurst bungalow so sat down with Richard Hall the self-build specialist from Potton and after some changes and amendments came up with the final design. After living in the South of France for some time the couple had some firm ideas of how they wanted to live, Jeff worked from home most of the time except for the odd excursion up to London for meetings so he needed an office, Lorraine liked to cook and had some great ideas for her dream kitchen, including soft lighting for the preparation area and double doors leading out to the rear garden which they both loved working in.

The couple were quite sure that they didn’t want any involvement with the actual building of the house, and they certainly did not want to live on site so their input was really the designing of the house and the choosing of all of the fixtures and fittings and external cladding materials.

How much did it cost? In 2010 the land with the old bungalow on cost £365,000 but they did manage to keep the old Gazebo / Sun House which is fully restored with Cedar shingles on the roof, a lovely little retreat at the end of the formal garden.