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Idyllic views to build for

Location: Surrey
Land Cost: Bungalow and plot of land valued at £225,000
Build Cost: Circa £300,000
Current Value: £625,000

Bridget Howland and Graham Lock, a Graphic Designer and an Electrical Branch Manager, lived on an idyllic plot of land in the beautiful countryside of Surrey. The plot boasted stunning views which they wanted to take advantage of.

However, they lived in a very tired 1960s bungalow, so the obvious option was to knock it down and start again. This way the couple could create something which they really wanted to live in, and could incorporate all their ideas.

Bridget and Graham had envisaged a Barn style house. They wanted something traditional looking, but also bright and airy with as much glass as possible. So after looking around at different companies, seeing a couple of Potton builds, and being highly recommended to Potton, the decision was made.


Visiting Potton Show Homes

The couple visited the Potton Show Centre to gain ideas, inspiration and to see what options were available.

It was good to see the various show house styles and even browse detailing such as beams and latches.” says Bridget.

After deciding exactly what they wanted the couple contacted Potton to start the ball rolling. Basing their design on the ‘Bardfield’ barn, the team at Potton quickly set to adapting the plans to meet Bridget and Graham’s exact requirements.

We experienced excellent service from initial contact through to the end of our build, there was always a helpful person at the end of the phone for any queries.

Bridget and Graham expressed their design wishes to Potton who took all the points on board when working on their house design.

The couple wanted a Juliet balcony to take full advantage of the beautiful surrounding views. The house needed to be dog-friendly to ensure the couples German Shepherd, Barney, also felt at home – he even has his own sofa!


Why self build?

“We owned and lived in a very tired 60s bungalow on a lovely plot of land, so it seemed the obvious option to knock it down and build something we really wanted.”


Why Potton?

“We looked online at several different companies, but Potton’s styles of barn came closer to what we had envisaged. Also, we knew of a couple of Potton builds and they came highly recommended.”


Would they do it again or do anything differently?

“We wouldn’t do anything differently but we would definitely do it again, if for some reason in the future we had to move out of our beautiful new home! “


Barney Howland

Living during the build

Once the design process was complete, the build process started to come together taking place between April and November of 2012.

We called upon the help of various friends when the build commenced, as Graham was often working away. We also used our own builders for everything apart from all the internal word work, the first and second fixes, which we used Potton’s recommended supplier, Timber Construction for, who were brilliant!” Bridget commented;

It was not a lot of fun living in a mobile home on site during the worst, wettest spring in history, However, it was definitely hugely beneficial to both live and work on site and to be on hand for any problems or queries. The experience was both challenging and aspirational.  We would highly recommend Potton to anyone interested in a self-build project!


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