Our Custom Build Philosophy

We work with you not only to tailor the design of your home but to also tailor the service you receive and the way your home is built


Over many years of working with customers to develop self build homes, we have learned that "Flexibility" and "Choice" are key to success and therefore they have become fundamental principles of our service. 

Principally, we have learnt to work with our customers to not only tailor the design of their homes but also tailor the service that they receive and the way that their homes are built.

It is our belief that the alternative options that currently exist in obtaining a home are devoid of this attribute and therefore customers either;

A)  Do nothing and stay rooted in an unsuitable home.

B)  Become dissatisfied with the traditional developer approach.

C)  Turn to self build or self refurb which can be hard work.

Custom Build is perfectly positioned to address these issues and provided that quality base design are balanced with flexibility to tailor how these designs work and how they are delivered to meet the needs and desires of families, we believe that Custom Build will become the solution of choice.

“High quality architectural designs developed by Potton to meet customer needs and the way they want to live"

Our experience within the self build market has taught us that high quality architecture coupled with "Flexibility" and "Choice" are keys to success.  We have learned to work with our customers to tailor the design of their homes as well as tailoring the way their homes are built.  We have produced many thousands of unique designs in direct response to customers needs and requirements and the way that they want to live.

Custom Build by Potton takes advantage of these high quality designs and makes them available for both the developer and the customer to reduce architecture costs and provide highly desirable homes with increased values on the open market.

What we offer 'Custom Builders'

High quality architectural designs developed to meet your needs and the way you want to live. 

We have produces thousands of unique designs to date and our custom build model makes these deisgns available to reduce architecture costs and provide highly desirable homes. 

As a Potton custom builder you will have access to a range of benefits and support services:

The UK's only Self Build Academy

Our acclaimed academy offers a series of workshops and seminars that guide you each step of the way through the process of building your dream home. Visit www.selfbuildacademy.co.uk

Self Build Show Centre

Our show centre in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, provides inspiration for custom builders. We have four fully furnished show homes for you to visit and a fifth one is currently under construction! Find out more here

The Potton Network

You have the opportunity to visit other custom build sites and meet fellow custom builders at our show centre. We host a range of events including networking coffee mornings and pop-up shows across the country, allowing you to step inside the homes of Potton customers as they're being built. 

Custom Build Finance

We work closely with BuildStore Financial Services, the UK's leading expert in self build finance, to secure the specialis finance required for custom build projects. 

Sustainable Building Solutions

A choice of timber frame and SIPs building solutions that provide high performance building envelopes. 

Our strength & Expertise

Potton are part of the Kingspan Group PLC. As a global leader in sustainable construction, Kingspan has an unrivalled reputation throughout the construction industry for innovation and technical expertise. In addition, Potton has been designing and building homes for over 50 years, our experts are o hand to guide you every step of the way.